Vodafone Netherlands first to deploy small cell system from SpiderCloud Wireless

Mobile operator will offer its business customers improved cellular connectivity using a flexible and scalable in-building mobility system, which is quick and easy to install

Vodafone Netherlands first to deploy small cell system from SpiderCloud Wireless

SpiderCloud Wireless announced today (17 September 2013) that Vodafone Netherlands is using its Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) to offer enterprise customers reliable mobile phone in-building coverage and capacity with a scalable and flexible small cell system. Vodafone is the world’s first mobile operator to offer the system.

The E-RAN system consists of a services node (SCSN) that can control over 100 multi-access small cells powered by the enterprise-Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). An E-RAN system, supporting thousands of employees, can be installed in just days using SpiderCloud’s self organising network (SON) software.

“We are pleased to be the first operator in the Netherlands to offer business customers this new and innovative system,” said Marcel van den Biggelaar, head of technology strategy at Vodafone Netherlands. “We can now, more rapidly than ever, address the needs of thousands of enterprise customers who rely on mobile connectivity and services for business productivity. Previously we were restricted by the cost and time it took to install legacy in-building wireless systems or the lack of scalability of first generation small cells.”

“Vodafone is taking a leadership role in solving in-building connectivity problems for business customers in the Netherlands,” said Ron Pelley, SpiderCloud’s VP and MD, EMEA. “With SpiderCloud’s scalable small cell system, Vodafone can meet the demands of enterprise customers of all sizes.”

SpiderCloud’s small-cell system consists of two elements – the SpiderCloud Radio Node (SCRN) and the SpiderCloud Services Node (SCSN). In an installation, the Radio Nodes are deployed inside the enterprise. These are then connected to the SpiderCloud Services Node, an on-premises small cell services element which is the central configuration and services enabler. 

The Services Node securely connects to Vodafone’s core network, enabling the operator to deliver managed mobility services to its enterprise customers over the top of the coverage and capacity system.

SpiderCloud’s support for soft handover between radio nodes ensures that voice calls are not dropped as people walk within a building. Aggregating all the radio nodes at the services node optimises backhaul and provides operators with a single efficient touch-point for control and management.

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