New Deeter industrial wireless gateway handles up to 200 sensors

The plug-and-play deeternet wireless gateway allows customers to monitor up to 200 sensors using a web browser and can be set to trigger email and SMS alerts

New Deeter industrial wireless gateway handles up to 200 sensors

The Deeter Group has introduced the deeternet wireless gateway, which offers wireless viewing of data from up to 200 sensors using a web browser. The UK-based group specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors and control systems.

Using an Ethernet connection the deeternet wireless gateway requires no special software and provides a user friendly web interface, which gives easy access to sensor data at a glance. Customisable set points can be programmed to trigger email and SMS alerts.

The new gateway offers plug-and-play operation with other supported deeternet wireless hardware all communicating via the robust and secure IEEE 802.15.4 industrial wireless communication protocol. Most third-party sensors can be connected by adding an optional deeternet wireless sender. The Deeter deeternet wireless gateway measures just 200 x 200 x 55mm and is supplied with an external power supply.

Neil Palmer, sales manager of Deeter Group, commented: “Our new deeternet wireless gateway is a very cost effective, simple to use and efficient way of monitoring remote sensors using safe and reliable wireless protocols. It is ideal for small to medium sensor monitoring systems and requires no investment in special software or networks.”

The Deeter Group product range includes: ATEX and standard level sensors, level switches, float switches, continuous level sensors, 4-20mA level sensors, custom level sensors, water level sensors, liquid level sensors, tank level indicators, panel mounted displays, level controllers and wireless sensor systems.


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