Mexican fishermen survive storm by using Hytera DMR radio to send distress signal

Hytera PD70XG portable DMR two-way radio used to send distress signal with GPS location, which enabled rescuers to find and save the fishermen

Mexican fishermen survive storm by using Hytera DMR radio to send distress signal

Three Mexican fishermen were recently saved from a storm after using a Hytera DMR portable radio to send a distress signal. The three men were fishing in the Pacific off the north coast of Chiapas, Mexico when a storm hit the coast causing damage up to 90 miles inland from the town of Tonalá.

By pressing the emergency button on the Hytera PD70XG portable DMR radio (pictured) they were able to send a distress signal to the Committee for Prevention and Citizen Participation of Puerto Arista, who were able to rescue them based on the GPS coordinates sent by the radio.

The fisherman were recently equipped with two-way radios following a bad storm last year in Mexico in which several fishermen lost their lives. The tragedy alerted the Mexican government’s risk management secretary, who asked a local Hytera dealer for a communication solution which would enable them to monitor the location of fishermen. In turn, the solution would enable the fisherman to communicate with a central point on land if they got into trouble.

The local dealer offered Hytera digital radios and a GPS solution, in this case SafeSYT. The government was pleased with the demo and then ordered 100 PD70XG, 1 repeater and SafeSYT, with the aim of preventing further loss of life at sea from happening again.

The successful rescue has again enhanced the crisis consciousness among local fishermen, according to Hytera. The risk management secretary has ordered more Hytera digital radios for them, as they all fully understand the importance of having access to life-saving communications when faced with an emergency situation.

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