Huawei unveils pan-BYOD converged network solution

The solution combines an SDN-enabled agile network with converged access, policy control and management, along with end-to-end security features to enable enterprises to enable BYOD

Huawei unveils pan-BYOD converged network solution

Mobile infrastructure provider Huawei announced today (6 September 2013) the launch of its new Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution - the Pan-BYOD converged network solution - at Huawei Enterprise Network Congress (HENC) in Shanghai 

“Networks are transitioning from static to dynamic, and from emphasising on technology and equipment to service, user, and experience,” said Liu Lizhu, general manager, enterprise networking solutions at Huawei.

“Huawei’s Pan-BYOD converged network solution features all BYOD-related sectors including agile network, scenario-aware policy control and management, and end-to-end security from network platform to device. We hope to help more enterprises enhance enterprise application mobility, at the same time, improving business operational efficiency.”

The Huawei Pan-BYOD converged network solution consists of the following core features:

SDN-enabled Agile Network

Adopting a software-defined networking (SDN) architecture for campus networks, with the support of security devices, the SDN-enabled Agile Network can provide comprehensive security management that caters to BYOD mobility, enabling virtualisation of network resources to deliver wired and wireless converged networks.

Converged access, policy control, and management

With scenario aware policy, the converged access solution within the pan-BYOD converged network helps build an experience focused enterprise network that can identify user identities, terminals, locations, and access methods. This scenario aware capability enables dynamic configuration and adjustment of network services, bandwidth, security policies, and traffic isolation policies.

Guaranteed end-to-end security

BYOD security technologies, including the latest sandboxing, mobile device management (MDM), L3/L4 encrypted VPNs, traffic isolation, usage monitoring, DDoS attack defense, antivirus, IPS/IDS, and WIPS/WIDS come together to guarantee end-to-end security on the entire cloud-pipe-device network architecture.

With Huawei’s Pan-BYOD converged network solution, network agility and end user experience are enhanced, laying a foundation for enterprise application mobility and service innovation, the company said.


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