Inmarsat and Cisco team up to extend availability of eHealth services

Inmarsat’s 3G satellite network fills connectivity gap for the world’s most isolated communities by enabling healthcare workers to interface and collaborate with medical professionals anywhere in the world

Inmarsat and Cisco team up to extend availability of eHealth services

Mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat has announced a new collaboration with Cisco to provide the satellite connectivity needed to make Cisco’s mobile telemedicine system, the Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant, available in the world’s most remote and underserved communities.

The strategic collaboration will enable Cisco to leverage Inmarsat’s global 3G satellite network, enabling medical teams to provide quality healthcare to communities that are located in areas with little or no terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure.  

The VX Clinical Assistant gives healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, the ability to interface and collaborate with medical professionals anywhere in the world using Cisco TelePresence to share content and ultimately deliver medical care. The unit enables the delivery of virtual medical care through high definition video conferencing and real-time transmission of key diagnostics ranging from ultrasounds to blood pressure readings.

“The VX Clinical Assistant is a marvel of medical technology but its ability to help doctors in remote areas to diagnose, treat and monitor patients can be compromised by the absence of reliable terrestrial connectivity,” said Drew Brandy, VP, Industry at Inmarsat.

“Inmarsat’s award-winning, global satellite network offers ubiquitous IP broadband and unmatched reliability, empowering medical teams in the world’s most remote regions through access to high quality, reliable data and voice services. Through Inmarsat’s network, healthcare professionals can communicate and share essential health statistics, in real time, with doctors located all over the world,” said Brandy.

Access to quality healthcare continues to be a significant global challenge due to the shortage of skilled medical workers and the lack of healthcare infrastructure in remote and isolated communities. The World Health Organisation and International Telecommunications Union have launched telemedicine-related initiatives to combat non-communicable diseases but these initiatives require fully reliable connectivity to be effective.

Wael Abdulal, collaboration manager, Cisco UAE, said: “Cisco’s collaborative technology solutions have been making a vital contribution to healthcare globally for many years now and, as a result, not only helps to enhance the quality of life but also bringing quality healthcare to some of the most underserved communities in the world. With Cisco’s VX Clinical Assistant and Inmarsat’s connectivity, we will be able to offer a fast, efficient, remote care experience with doctors in real-time without the need to travel to a health facility.”

“Inmarsat is moving into the important areas of eHealth and is committed to help make quality healthcare accessible in the most remote and challenged areas of the world,” said Nada El Marji, Inmarsat’s Director, NGO Business. “Our collaboration with Cisco is an important milestone in our journey to make the Inmarsat satellite network synonymous with eHealth delivery.”


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