Norfolk Constabulary selects Sepura SRG3900 TETRA mobile radios

UK police force made the decision to switch providers and has equipped its entire fleet with the Sepura TETRA radios; ability to operate in gateway mode to extend coverage a key factor

Norfolk Constabulary selects Sepura SRG3900 TETRA mobile radios

Sepura has been awarded the contract to supply TETRA mobile radios for Norfolk Constabulary’s entire vehicle fleet. The contract comprises 280 Sepura SRG3900 mobile radios, along with related accessories selected from Sepura’s range of ancillaries. The SRG was selected by the constabulary for a number of reasons, with its capability to operate in gateway mode being one of the most critical.

This allows the SRG to effectively extend network coverage, into a building or an area with difficult terrain, for example. It boosts officer safety by enabling officers to stay connected even in challenging coverage areas and in a rural county such as Norfolk, this was an important consideration.

In addition, Norfolk officers were also impressed with the intuitiveness of the new user interface on the SRG3900, as well as with the ability to switch easily between day and night modes, which delivers effective single button control to the officers using the radio in varying ambient lighting.

The contract makes Norfolk constabulary the latest of several UK police forces to take the decision to switch to Sepura, according to the company. Sepura said it already has an extensive family of existing customers which have chosen to stay with its equipment when they come to refresh their radio fleets.

Commenting on the contract award, Jonathan Hamill, regional director for UK and Ireland at Sepura, said: “It is great to see another UK police force switching to Sepura, particularly yet another one that is so close at hand in our East Anglian heartland.

“This follows closely on the back of Northamptonshire Police, who also moved to Sepura and recognised the ability for Sepura to work with the force to drive efficiency through the application of its critical communication solutions. It is also worth noting the key role of having gateway functionality, which is important to many forces, as it improves both operational efficiency and the safety of officers.”

Mark Jode, ICT communications manager at Norfolk Constabulary added: “We are pleased that we made the move to the Sepura SRG3900s. It was a proven solution which met our very demanding requirements. We have been really pleased with the radios’ audio performance and were also particularly impressed with the efficient way in which Sepura and its contractors carried out the installation and switch over.”

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