Cobham Antenna Systems unveils new sinuous spiral antenna

New ultra wideband, dual polar, directional antenna covers frequency bands from 2GHz to 18GHz and is particularly designed for security applications in harsh envrionments

Cobham Antenna Systems unveils new sinuous spiral antenna

Cobham Antenna Systems has introduced a new sinuous, spiral antenna, which is  targeted particularly at security, surveillance and EW applications. It comes with a rugged, machined housing, which makes it ideal for harsh environments. 

All development engineering and manufacture has been carried out in the UK, which means that the product is not subject to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

The antenna is ultra wideband and covers frequencies from 2GHz to 18GHz. It is directional, the beamwidth is 65° to 95° in azimuth and elevation, with a maximum beam squint of only +/-4 degrees to -3 dB points across the band.  

Dual circular (right and left hand) polarisation over the entire band means that there is no likelihood of any frequency being missed at any polarisation.

The very good, consistent, monotonic radiation patterns enable direction find (DF) systems to provide accurate angle of arrival data when using amplitude comparison techniques. Amplitude-matched sets of antennas can be provided, Cobham said.

Phase-matched sets of antennas can also be provided, with support radiation pattern data, to allow high resolution DF.

The antenna’s dimensions are: 84mm (3.3”) by 67mm (2.6”) diameter, weight 250 grams (8.8 ounces). The model reference is: SSA0218RL/2044, sinuous spiral antenna with dual circular polarisation.

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