Cassidian wins contract to modernise French Ministry of Interior’s transmission network

Cassidian and partners to upgrade INPT secure radio communication system which is used by 120,000 users with new microwave links to reduce costs and improve the resilience of voice and data transmission

Cassidian wins contract to modernise French Ministry of Interior’s transmission network

In its role as prime contractor and together with the co-contractors Inéo Infracom and Aviat Networks, Cassidian has won the French Ministry of Interior's (MoI) tender for the modernisation of the INPT (Infrastructure Nationale Partageable des Transmissions) national shared transmission infrastructure.

This network is used by the police, the fire brigades, the emergency medical services and also some Gendarmerie forces and other users. The INPT secure radio communication system provides voice and data services for 120,000 users from various MoI departments and ensures the security of almost 64 million citizens.

Through its partner Aviat Networks, Cassidian will offer a range of microwave radio technology that enables the interconnection of sites in the most innovative and advanced way. The systems will be adapted specifically to the operational requirements of the MoI. 

They are based on proven capability and experience gained in a high number of networks, including the Gendarmerie’s network, Rubis. Field deployment will be handled by Ineo Infracom, whose extensive national representation ensures that the MoI is provided with a high level of flexibility and responsiveness.

Cassidian has been active with the MoI for a number of years, through the provision of equipment and the deployment of all INPT sites. It is also in charge of the global support of the INPT for Tetrapol radio and switch equipments and for the software. 

By assuming responsibility for the transmission part this project confirms that Cassidian is a trusted supplier to the Ministry of Interior. Through this co-operation, the Ministry is able to ensure that the evolution of its network is managed and co-ordinated in the most effective way.

Cassidian cited two examples of the early benefits of this increased co-ordination are the implementation of microwave links in parallel with the upgrade of the Tetrapol network to an IP-based architecture and the creation of new sites that not only support Tetrapol equipment, but also network these sites through microwaves links to the rest of INPT.


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