AirTight enhances wireless network security with cellular detection solution

AirTight Networks’ wireless intrusion prevention system can now secure WiFi and detect and locate cellular devices such as the use of unauthorised phones in prisons, military sites or commercially sensitive settings

AirTight enhances wireless network security with cellular detection solution

Selcoms, the wireless, cloud and security distributor, has announced that AirTight Networks has added cellular device detection to its wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS). This further enhances an AirTight Networks user’s ability to enforce wireless free zones in secure environments such as military sites and commercial settings that need to restrict the use of cellular communications.

The AirTight Networks WIPS and Cloud Managed WiFi system, rated the best in the market by Gartner Research, recently added WiFi Analytics and Social WiFi to their expanding portfolio of products.

The system uses patented ‘Marker Packet’ technology to proactively defend against any wireless threat, a distinct advantage over competitive solutions that rely on threat signatures to categorise a possible threat. The system can also be used to enforce ‘no-wireless’ policies in locations such as financial call centres or military sites.

Charlotte Munday, AirTight Specialist at Selcoms, said: “With AirTight we can easily provide the ultimate in WiFi security. However, with this new solution we can now take this a step further. We have been speaking with security services providers and a well-known problem in detention facilities is prisoners having unauthorised mobile phones.

“However, a newer but rapidly developing problem, is unauthorised WiFi in prisons. Inmates are using devices such as games consoles and Smart-TVs to create ad-hoc wireless networks and communicate with each other through these systems. With the new system from AirTight we can secure the WiFi and detect and locate cellular devices through a single platform,” said Munday.

Dr Hemant Chaskar, VP of Technology for AirTight Networks, commented: “Because cellular operates on licensed frequencies that many government and private organisations cannot legally control, even inside their own airspace, unauthorised mobile communications can compromise security and create a significant challenge for organisations that rely on ‘no-wireless’ policies as part of their security strategy.”

Applications include monitoring and detection of contraband cellular devices and detection of network and printer eavesdropping devices that use cellular radios to transmit confidential information beyond the security perimeter.

The powerful AirTight Wireless Analytics system provides detailed reporting on all devices, known and unknown, within range of the network. This can be used by retailers to analyse footfall and dwell time in store. It can also be used by law enforcement agencies as a recent case demonstrated.

An AirTight customer suffered a break-in over night at one of their retail sites. As part of the investigation the company’s loss prevention team analysed the AirTight forensics and located a rogue client MAC address present in store at the time of the break in. The police tied this MAC address to that of the mobile phone of a known suspect and this will be used as evidence when the case goes before a judge later in the year.

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