Airwave appoints NEC for kilostream replacement programme

Existing BT kilostream product used in Airwave’s TETRA backhaul network to be replaced with NEC’s LTE-ready iPASOLINK microwave radio solution

Airwave appoints NEC for kilostream replacement programme

Airwave has signed a contract with NEC Europe for the replacement of 2,100 BT kilostream circuits that make up part of the UK’s emergency services TETRA Airwave Network. Kilostream circuits are key element in voice and data transmission.

According to John Lewis, COO, Airwave: “Over the next few years BT will be withdrawing its kilostream product used in part of our network. We have decided to make the investment now as it ties in with our move towards technology and services beyond the core TETRA network.”

Lewis went on to say that “the replacement service will offer our customers a future proof transmission service to support both current and future capacity requirement to base sites”.

NEC has provided microwave radio solutions to Airwave since 2006. Naoki Iizuka, president and CEO, NEC Europe, said: “We will be replacing a large proportion of Airwave’s current TETRA backhaul network with high capacity iPASOLINK microwave radio solutions.

“In addition, we will manage the network design, site acquisition, site construction and installation, as well as the commissioning of the equipment. This deal demonstrates our competitiveness and expertise for building and managing large-scale ICT infrastructures.”

The replacement product is LTE ready, which is in line with the industry’s push for it to become one of the leading technologies for future mission critical communications.

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