Xirrus Wi-Fi supports visitors and exhibitors at Paris Air Show 2013

More than 300,000 visitors able to communicate via 135-array Wi-Fi network, while a collaboration with Polestar enabled visitors to navigate to particular exhibition booths

Xirrus Wi-Fi supports visitors and exhibitors at Paris Air Show 2013

Xirrus Wi-Fi technology was chosen by ViParis to provide the wireless network for the 50th International Paris Air Show 2013 held at Paris Le Bourget Airport in June this year. The network supported 12,000 simultaneous connections across 80,000 square meters at the show.

At the air show, Xirrus installed 135 Wi-Fi access points in less than ten days. Viparis management also implemented the Xirrus Management System (XMS), an application that allows automated discovery and installation of Xirrus Wireless Arrays on the network.

XMS provides: real-time wireless-coverage heat maps; graphical depiction of wireless device locations and device types; monitoring of wireless network performance, traffic and clients; and comprehensive security monitoring, alerting, and mitigation.

The XMS system allows coordinators to remotely intervene at each access point, provides network administrators with network statistics, and reports on unauthorized rogue access points.

Xirrus specifically designed the network for remote, real-time monitoring of electricity consumption of air show exhibitors via Wi-Fi. As a result, organisers benefitted from technology to set or modify tariffs or modified tariffs on demand, and with no need for on-site intervention.

Xirrus also collaborated with Pole Star, the geolocation services provider, to provide guests with an indoor geolocation application. Supported by the wireless network, Pole Star's application allowed air show attendees to enter a booth number and then receive instructions for navigation to their desired booth.

ViParis is a key member of the Parisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and manages 95% of the available presentation space in the greater Paris area. The International Paris Air Show is one of the largest events hosted by Viparis; the biennial event attracts 139,273 professional visitors, 176,299 public visitors, and 2,215 exhibitors from 44 countries.

Christophe Thomas, operation director of Viparis, said: "We always strived to provide to organizer, exhibitors, and attendees of the air show with a superior event experience that meets and exceeds their expectations. With the proliferation of mobile devices, those expectations include a seamless wireless experience. Xirrus allowed us to meet that expectation."

"Our deployments with Viparis Exhibition and Conference Centres demonstrate our leadership in establishing wireless conncectivity for major exhibitors in France," said Sean Larner, vice president, international at Xirrus. "The International Paris Air Show showcases our ability to wirelessly provision the largest and most decentralized events and to provide connectivity and superior wireless performance to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors."


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