Simoco supplies Australian embassies with P25 radio solution

Radio specialist will equip over 50 Australian embassies with a Simoco P25 upgradable terminal and infrastructure solution on behalf of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Simoco supplies Australian embassies with P25 radio solution

Global radio communications specialist Simoco has won a tender to supply the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with a Simoco P25 radio terminal and infrastructure solution that will be used by federal police, embassy staff and personnel at over 50 embassies worldwide.

Some of Australia’s embassies are located in the world’s most volatile environments, meaning that a secure and robust Simoco solution including; multimode SRP9180 portables, SRM9000 mobiles and conventional infrastructure was determined as the best option for DFAT’s needs. With around a third of the rollout already complete, Simoco has installed over 1,300 units around the world.

Simoco has also supplied DFAT with customised desktop units (pictured) with enhanced portability. In the event of an emergency evacuation, the DFAT desktop base stations can be easily disconnected from mains power and relocated, while continuing to fully operate due to a high capacity battery incorporated into the design.

Ian Carr, CEO of Simoco Group, commented: “We are very proud to be able to supply our Simoco P25 upgradable radio systems to DFAT and have already deployed the solution to over 17 locations worldwide. DFAT operates in some unpredictable situations that require best in breed critical communications support.

“Simoco project engineers worked closely with DFAT to develop a custom solution, which is essential in safeguarding personnel and ensuring communications remain open in emergency situations.”

Garry Mettner, sales director at Simoco Australasia added: “DFAT is also able to take advantage of simple migration though Simoco’s Xmode multimode operation. Once upgraded to P25, Xmode will enable DFAT staff to select from multiple radio protocols including full analogue PMR, MPT1327, as well as P25 conventional and P25 trunking at the touch of a button.

“This was a highly important consideration for DFAT as it gives them assurance that their communication investment is protected when they choose to migrate to P25 digital,’ added Mettner.

Simoco will continue to roll out the P25 upgradable systems to DFAT locations over the coming months.


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