Hytera releases new range of DMR applications

Hytera Application Partner Programme unveils four application solutions to provide added value to Hytera DMR conventional radio systems

Hytera releases new range of DMR applications

Hytera has extended the capabilities of its DMR radio system with the addition of four industry-specific and customer-focused applications. The new services are among the first fruits of the Hytera Application Partner Programme and more will follow. The four solutions now available are:

HyTracks Dispatch Solution

Brazil based HyTracks, part of BPC Telecom, has developed a computer based dispatch solution that allows users to integrate a Hytera radio system to a computer network from anywhere in the world. The HyTracks Server PC can be connected via a USB cable to a Hytera mobile radio (control station), or it can be connected directly to a Hytera repeater via an IP network.

The user can then access the radio system through the IP network, making it possible to operate through a local network or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

HyTracks also has a module or ‘remote gateway’, which acts as an extension to the main server. This allows users to connect up to four control stations to a remote PC, which is connected via IP network to the main server. These remote radios can then be operated from the dispatch position.

SafetyNet Locator

SafetyNet Locator from UK-based PMR Products provides a simple and easy means of tracking and presenting on a display the deployment of a radio subscriber fleet and emergency status in both indoor and outdoor locations.

It is part of the SafetyNet Digital suite of software programmes allowing users to access audio and data information from the radio equipment. SafetyNet wil connect to a range of communication devices through gateways or decoders and can include DMR and TETRA private radio networks, pagers, DECT and short range radio alarms.

The software is PC based and provides control rooms with the ability to manage and monitor all the audio across the radio network. It can monitor audio, dispatch facilities, lone worker protection schemes, text messaging, personal alarms and general status updates. Location update information can be displayed on a set of maps or schematic diagrams.


TrakRanger, the Surry, UK-based company has developed a cost effective data dispatch system. It offers real time and historic location tracking, messaging to radio and mobile handsets, lone working monitoring, alarm handling and voice recording system to help manage workforces more efficiently.

It provides a remotely hosted solution for full data dispatching, including radio registration service, GPS location, timed and on-demand, text messaging, radio check, stun, revive and call alert.

Zonith Solution

Zonith, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has come up with a solution that covers staff emergency alarming, Bluetooth indoor positioning, lone worker protection, man down systems, panic buttons.

The solution harnesses Hytera DMR radios and combines it with Zonith’s alarm control system to provide resellers and dealers with a host of value added applications to offer customer.


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