Maxatec launches new rugged 10.1-inch Android tablet PC

Bluebird Pidion BP70 tablet comes with Maxatec’s TankSmith waterproof and Eyelluminate display technology

Maxatec launches new rugged 10.1-inch Android tablet PC

Maxatec has launched a new 10.1-inch Android business pad in the shape of the Bluebird Pidion BP70. The slim, lightweight (757g) tablet comes with an IP65 certified waterproof design using the company’s patented TankSmith technology.

The BP70 is equipped with Maxatec’s Eyelluminate display technology, which is a close bonding of the Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen with the LCD. This provides a clear view in all light conditions, whether inside or out, which improves productivity.

Steve Berry, Maxatec director, said: “The Pidion BP70 adds to our extensive Bluebird Pidion range of enterprise class mobile computing hardware, which includes rugged PDAs, handheld computers and tablet PCs. This new product has been carefully designed to provide users with an aesthetically pleasing 10.1-inch Android business pad that is reliable and withstand all the demands of the business environment.

“The high definition Eyelluminate display is outstanding as is its battery performance, which provides more than 12 hours use on a single charge. Importantly, you can hold this device in one hand using the hand strap, which also allows you to rotate it from landscape to portrait simply by turning it with your free hand.”

The long battery life is achieved by using an energy efficient, powerful dual core processor. This enables the Pidion BP70 to handle any application and do it efficiently without a sudden drop in battery performance. The device also offers connectivity to various data capture devices, including magnetic stripe, smart card, barcode and NFC readers.

The TankSmith design enables the device to operate in all weather conditions, so there is no need for additional cases or sealing, according to the company.

Wireless communications are catered for with 802.11 for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for peripherals and 4G LTE for remote connectivity to the office from the field. Any data held or transmitted from the device is secure thanks to the proprietary Stonewall Security feature. In addition, any device that is stolen or lost can be decommissioned remotely using mobile device management software.

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