NSN and CDNetworks to work on mobile content delivery at the base station

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to speed up the delivery of local and personal cached content at the network edge using NSN’s Liquid Applications technology

NSN and CDNetworks to work on mobile content delivery at the base station

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and CDNetworks have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to take the next concrete steps to accelerate the development of delivering content from the base station.

The Mou is based on a set of common objectives around NSN’s Liquid Applications and operator content delivery networks (CDN). Liquid Applications changes the role of base stations in the mobile network by turning them into local hubs of service creation and delivery. Processing and storage capabilities are provided with integrated IT cloud servers.

The intent of the collaboration is to further enhance Liquid Applications for content acceleration and content personalisation, making use of such capabilities as location and referral, as well as awareness of user behaviour and real-time network conditions.

NSN and CDNetworks said that they will together create a set of new technologies that fully deploy these capabilities to drive a step change in the mobile broadband experience and open up new revenue opportunities for operators. Mobile broadband customers will benefit from faster loading times and improved latency that contribute to a more responsive service experience.

Dirk Lindemeier, head of Liquid Net at NSN, said: ‘Liquid Applications, which is one of the three pillars of our Liquid Broadband portfolio, is set to fundamentally change the definition of personalised services. Operators are in a unique position with their deep customer relationships and insight into their customers’ service preferences and usage.

‘This vantage point, combined with the mobile edge computing capabilities of Liquid Applications, will enable them to create new and exciting content, applications and services. Our collaboration with CDNetworks demonstrates our commitment to developing new applications that accelerate content delivery to increase performance and service quality, as well as reducing congestion and transport costs.’

‘Mobile operators can enhance the user experience of their subscribers and enjoy cost savings with CDNetworks’ mobile CDN technology. Collaborating with Nokia Siemens Networks, CDNetworks hopes to further advance its innovative mobile acceleration technology that will benefit operators and enterprise customers alike,’ said Jongchan Kim, head of Technology at CDNetworks.

At the heart of Liquid Applications is the Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS), which provides capabilities such as localized processing, content storage, and access to real-time radio and network information inside the base station. These capabilities facilitate new CDN-based services that can be served directly from the base station.

NSN also offers professional services for integrating and maintaining the RACS (radio access control system) at the operator’s site, while services such as design, planning, optimisation and assurance are instrumental in ramping up new applications according to the specific location and business targets and ensuring smooth and secure interworking between all the elements in the solution.

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