Xirrus unveils outdoor access point with zero-touch, cloud-based provisioning

XR-520H AP delivers ‘indoor’ wireless performance in harsh environments and is aimed at university campuses, stadiums and outdoor malls

Xirrus unveils outdoor access point with zero-touch, cloud-based provisioning

Xirrus announced the general availability today (1 July 2013) of the XR-520H AP, a two-radio ruggedized access point for outdoor use across large open spaces and in harsh environments.

The XR-520H leverages the common ArrayOS operating system of Xirrus' XR AP and Array portfolio to deliver the predictable application performance and robust Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor users.

The XR-520H extends the XR-500 AP series for IT administrators who are tasked with designing outdoor wireless networks for university campuses, healthcare facilities, stadiums, resorts, and retail malls. The XR-520H is designed to simplify antenna cable management and provide flexible mounting to meet different requirements presented by outdoor structures.

The XR-520H is also designed for operation in extreme conditions, ranging from -40C to 55C. The XR-520H is available with a choice of antenna options, including 30, 60, and 90 degrees directional as well as omni-directional antennas for optimised coverage.

The XR-520H features common functionality, management, and cloud-based zero-touch provisioning as the rest of the Xirrus XR portfolio. The XR-520H supports standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) to simplify deployment. Customers can manage the XR-520H via the Xirrus Management System (XMS), either via an on-premise or cloud based version, to simplify deployment and management.

The XR-520H is also easily deployed with Xirrus Mobilize, a free service providing zero-touch provisioning, reducing the burden on IT for new product installation.

Consistent with other models, the XR-520H offers Application Control for delivering optimised and predictable application performance through Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of more than 1000 applications. Application Control ensures critical applications are differentiated and delivered reliably over wireless even when the network is under heavy load.

Used in conjunction with Xirrus Access Manager, IT administrators can provide easy wireless access to users, whether guests or secured corporate access.

‘The XR-520H is a rugged, outdoor product designed to be as simple to deploy, manage, and access as our line of indoor Wireless APs and Arrays,’ said Steven Wastie, chief marketing officer of Xirrus.

‘To make this happen, we extended the same feature set of our indoor Xirrus products -- the operating system, XMS, Application Control, Bonjour gateway -- into a durable, ruggedized package. The result is a feature rich, competitively priced AP that provides robust WLAN coverage in a variety of outdoor environments. At Xirrus, we make great wireless experiences happen -- indoors and out.’

The XR-520H, like other Xirrus products, has software programmable radios that support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on every radio. This flexibility enables the delivery of more wireless bandwidth in 5GHz over time as devices transition to the new band without adding more APs. 

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