Panasonic launches new integrated solutions centre in UK

New Solutions Centre is designed to show customers the breadth of integrated solutions Panasonic can provide and to be a ‘think tank’ to generate new ideas

Panasonic launches new integrated solutions centre in UK

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU) unveiled its new Solutions Centre at its UK head office in Bracknell yesterday (19 June 2013). The Solutions Centre is a purpose built facility created to offer visitors the opportunity to see and experience the wide variety of different solutions that Panasonic (PSCEU) has to offer.

The Centre features solutions for a range of verticals including logistics, transport, retail and banking and each solution is composed of a range of technologies from each PSCEU division: Computer Product Solutions, including the Toughbook range of ruggedised PCs and tablets; Professional Camera Solutions; Communication Solutions and Visual System Solutions.

The facility was officially opened by Masaki Arizono, managing director of PSCEU, who said: ‘We have combined different technology areas into the Centre so we can demonstrate more powerful solutions to customers, come up with new technical proposals and then customers can verify the systems before purchase.’

Arizono noted the importance of the enterprise market to Panasonic by saying that although the company is renowned for its consumer products, 72% of its turnover was generated in the B2B market in the last fiscal year.

‘The plan is to strengthen our B2B products further. We aim to become the single point of responsibility for customers by combining our products with integrated system solutions, including third party products, customer services and after sales services.’

He said that Panasonic’s vision for the future was to connect everything via the same core IP technology and to ensure all products are Internet enabled for cloud computing.

Jorg Hufschmid, solutions marketing manager, elaborated on the evolution from selling products to providing fully integrated solutions and general contractor style project management. The evolution has five steps:

  • Products: visual, communications, professional cameras and computers
  • Third party integration: hardware, software and accessories
  • Services: integration support, service level agreements, maintenance and warranties
  • Engineering: customisation, development and engineering
  • Project management: ownership of all phases and general contractor capability.

He pointed out that evolving to a general contractor, single point of responsibility style of operation definitely did not mean abandoning Panasonic’s sales channels – rather it is designed to enhance support for dealers and integration partners by adding more value.

‘This is not a showroom, it is a think tank,’ said Hufschmid. ‘What we want is for customers to come here and see demonstrations of the products; test products and solutions so they can get a feel for how they work; attend seminars for engineers and end users; have creative meetings; and then establish working groups to brainstorm new ideas and ways in which we can help them meet their needs.’

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