Nido student living gets better Wi-Fi with Ruckus Wireless and ASK4

ASK4 deploys Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi access points and technology to satisfy demanding student users with multiple mobile devices in London

Nido student living gets better Wi-Fi with Ruckus Wireless and ASK4

Ruckus Wireless and ASK4, a provider of managed telecommunications services in Europe, announced today (19 June 2013) that they have been selected by Nido Student Living Group for enabling one of the first large-scale deployments of premium Wi-Fi service that offers dual-service provisioning.

The installation comprises 450 high performance Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi access points across three London locations within the Nido Student Living Group, including King’s Cross, Notting Hill, and Spitalfields—the world’s tallest student accommodation building in Europe. 

Nido operates at the top end of the student accommodation sector. Each metropolitan location features 24/7 security, gyms, premium room décor and high speed broadband -- the ‘essentials’ of modern student life. An increased demand for wireless broadband access at all of its locations prompted Nido to commission the ASK4 installation of a robust wireless infrastructure across its student living properties.

The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system supports both basic and premium service options (dual-service provisioning), with wireless access ranging from a standard 20MBps, up to 100MBps.

‘Our clientele  – students – probably understand the value of connection speeds more than anyone else as they live an ‘always on’ lifestyle. So it’s up to us to deliver it, as we want to lead the sector in providing the best living experience for modern students,’ said Neil Burton, CEO of Nido. 

‘Our residents are sophisticated data users and are often using multiple wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops at the same time. They require a state-of-the-art wireless system to support heavy rates of data consumption.’

Burton added: ‘Broadband delivery, whether fixed or wireless, is an extremely important consideration in this sector. It’s essential that the deployed solution keeps our customers satisfied and provides us with the platform to offer a value-added service that we can now charge on a per-speed basis.’

ASK4 provides high speed broadband and wireless Internet services specifically designed for the student accommodation sector. ASK4 selected Ruckus Wireless products and technology for their Nido installations, configuring the new Wi-Fi infrastructure with Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) indoor 802.11n mid-range APs. These feature Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology to provide reliable, consistent, high-performance coverage and the Ruckus ZoneDirector management platform to control and monitor service delivery and performance.

‘The Ruckus solution performed well in tests and is perfect for intense service environments of this nature,’ says Matt Eley, Director, ASK4. ‘In addition to offering the most appropriate technology for this type of environment, the Ruckus equipment we’ve deployed helps to accelerate installation time because it’s so easy to work with. The system was up and running in record time, from commissioning to activation in just six weeks.’

With the integrated Ruckus solution in place ASK4 can remotely view, securely control, easily manage and automatically configure the network infrastructure and assets. These critical capabilities were integral to Nido’s requirements, as their wireless system needs to support both the basic and premium service options the company makes available to resident students.

Eley added: ‘This was one of the first large scale deployments of its kind in the UK that involved the dual-provisioning of standard and premium services where Nido customers will be able to easily upgrade their speeds if they want to. The solution has proved to be the most applicable for an intense service environment populated by demanding, virtually ‘always-on’ users.’

From an aesthetic perspective, the Ruckus APs fit unobtrusively with the contemporary look of Nido’s residences. This was a further factor in the selection process, given the installation of APs in prominent public areas within the residences.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 unit is flat, thin and easy to install. From a logistics perspective, the units can be deployed in any configuration an organisation or enterprise might require.

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