NEC to provide iPASOLINK EX to Polish broadcast network operator

Polish broadcast network operator EmiTel will use iPASOLINK EX microwave communications system for broadcast, mobile networks and dedicated corporate lines for communications between buildings

NEC to provide iPASOLINK EX to Polish broadcast network operator

NEC Corporation has been selected by Poland’s leading broadcast network operator, EmiTel, to provide iPASOLINK EX, NEC’s outdoor, integrated, ultra-compact microwave communications system supporting 70-80GHz band communications (E-Band).

EmiTel is expected to capitalize on iPASOLINK EX for a variety of purposes that include the construction of broadcast networks, the construction of communications networks for mobile operators and the provision of dedicated corporate lines for communications between buildings.

iPASOLINK EX is a compact, lightweight system that occupies a small footprint and is easy to install throughout a wide range of outdoor areas. Moreover, NEC’s use of communications systems that support a high modulation method (256QAM - quadrature amplitude modulation) enables 1.6Gbps high-capacity transmissions and utilises narrow bandwidth (250MHz) that is approximately 75% smaller than existing equipment.

As a result, iPASOLINK EX enables telecommunications carriers to reduce initial costs by curbing license fees for frequency acquisition.

E-Band bandwidth is well suited for short range and high-capacity transmissions due to the strength of radio waves’ straight paths and radio waves’ lower susceptibility to attenuation from the atmosphere.

In the future, since Poland’s licensing fees for E-Band bandwidth are more economical than other frequency bands, telecommunications carriers are expected to strengthen services that utilize E-Band bandwidth.

‘NEC has provided EmiTel with PASOLINK products and TV transmitters since 1968, contributing to the development of their telecommunications and broadcasting business,’ said Fredrik Tumegard, VP NEC Europe. ‘We consider EmiTel’s selection of iPASOLINK EX recognition of the product’s superior technology as well as a positive evaluation of NEC’s past services.’

Going forward, NEC aims to continue expanding iPASOLINK business by leveraging its advanced wireless transmission technologies and capitalizing on high-quality, highly efficient manufacturing practices. 

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