Zetron MAX Call-Taking now available on tablet PCs for remote deployments

Emergency 911 operators can now utilize the full functionality of Zetron’s MAX Call-Taking 911 system over a tablet PC allowing public-safety agencies to deploy remote, temporary, or mobile 911 call-taking operations

Zetron MAX Call-Taking now available on tablet PCs for remote deployments

Zetron, a provider of mission-critical communications solutions, has announced that its IP-based i3 911 MAX Call-Taking system can now operate on a tablet PC. This allows 911 call-taking operations in the USA to be deployed quickly and securely, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Whether an agency must set up a remote, backup, or mobile location, or provide call-takers with a temporary setup during the transition to a disaster-recovery centre, MAX Call-Taking running on a tablet PC allows them to do so with greater speed and agility.

This is a major breakthrough for public-safety agencies that were previously limited by the constraints imposed by older technologies and the time, equipment and costs required to deploy them.

MAX Call-Taking is latest addition to Zetron’s Remote Command-and-Control Suite, which was announced earlier this year. Thus far, it includes Zetron’s Advanced Communications (Acom) system and Mobile CAD applications; more Zetron solutions will be added as the suite develops.

‘Zetron is removing the limitations of the centralized control-room so 911 call-taking and dispatching operations can take place anywhere, any time,’ said Zetron VP of product management, Kathy Broadwell. ‘This greatly improves agencies’ situational awareness and their ability to respond quickly and accurately to events on the ground as they unfold.’

Zetron introduced its MAX Dispatch and MAX Call-Taking system to Europe in May at the recent Critical Communications World 2013 in Paris. See: CCW 2013: Zetron introduces radical new design for dispatch consoles to EMEA

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