Motorola Solutions launches MC9200 ruggedised handheld computer

Motorola describes the MC9200 as the fastest, most powerful ruggedised mobile computer available; the device is aimed at industry, retail, manufacturing, transportation and government sectors

Motorola Solutions launches MC9200 ruggedised handheld computer

Motorola Solutions introduced what it describes as the most powerful industrial mobile computer available on the market, the MC9200, today (17 June 2013). With a significantly faster dual-core processor, the new MC9200 is the next generation of the MC9000 series.

The MC9200 is capable of supporting the latest mobile enterprise applications in demanding environments such as warehouses, loading docks and manufacturing shop floors.

Designed for in-premise applications in scan-intensive environments, Motorola said the MC9200 is ideal for warehousing, inventory management, workflow management, price validation, asset tracking and management applications in retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and government.

Motorola claimed the MC9200 is the industry’s fastest handheld computer, as measured in overall CPU performance comparing the MC9200 with commercially available enterprise class mobile computers as of May 2013, based on benchmarking tools SPB v1.0.1 and AnTuTu v3.3.

It incorporates a dual-core OMAP4430 processor from Texas Instruments (TI), high-speed 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi for better connectivity, greater storage and enhanced information assurance security with FIPS 140-2 cryptographic certification, taking application performance to a new level.

The MC9200 enables businesses to maintain backward compatibility with legacy warehouse management systems (WMS) and Telnet applications through Motorola’s RhoMobile Suite, which helps protect application investments.

In addition, all existing peripherals and accessories for the MC9000 series will be compatible with the new MC9200 including keypads, batteries and cradles – providing additional investment protection for customers.

The MC9200 is available with a wide range of scanning capabilities to fit customers’ needs, including Motorola’s latest-generation 1D laser scanner; 1D long-range scanner; 2D imagers that can read all 1D, 2D and DPM bar codes omni-directionally with laser-like speed; or a 2D long-range imager that can capture 1D and 2D bar codes up to 30 feet away.

The company said that the new MC9200 will offer the same level of stability, quality and reliability that global enterprises have come to expect from Motorola’s MC9000 family of mobile computers. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on the MC9000 family every day, and Motorola will continue to support and sell these legacy products it said.

Joe White, vice president of enterprise mobile computing, Motorola Solutions, commented: ‘The MC9200 mobile computer is an example of Motorola Solutions’ continued commitment to protecting the investment of existing customers while opening the door to new ones with access to the latest innovations and technology to meet their changing business needs.

‘The MC9200 maintains leadership in the mobile computing industry with the same signature rugged design, best-in-class bar code scanning and dependable operation that businesses have relied on for the last decade.’

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