Global Reach allows businesses to enrich Wi-Fi by offering guest access via Facebook Check In

Wi-Fi solution is compatible with all social media sites, provides comprehensive data analytics and is not tied to any specific hardware platform

Global Reach allows businesses to enrich Wi-Fi by offering guest access via Facebook Check In

Global Reach Technology, the UK-based software and wireless solutions provider, has launched an Enterprise Wi-Fi solution that allows businesses to offer their visitors instant access to Wi-Fi as soon as customers post on popular social media sites such as Facebook from their premises.

The cloud-based solution is the first in the industry to be completely hardware agnostic, allowing venue owners to deploy the solution on their current Wi-Fi hardware infrastructure. Global Reach also provides comprehensive analytics that enables retailers, and venue owners, to conduct data analysis to identify usage trends and customer behaviour.

The Global Reach solution can be deployed across multiple Wi-Fi access points, and can be integrated with existing and next generation hardware, the company said. The solution offers businesses, such as retail outlets, concert venues and stadiums, the platform to engage directly with the end-user.

This includes offering free Wi-Fi in exchange for a Facebook mention or granting access on a paid-for-basis. Data analytics can reveal behavioural trends that will enable retailers and venue owner to launch targeted promotions and discounted offers.

Venues can deploy the solution to roll out other innovative location-based marketing initiatives too. Consumers can use a downloaded QR code reader to scan displayed promotions or tap an NFC point to gain Wi-Fi access. Venue owners can even use QR/NFC technology to allow secure internet access to priority customers. The solution is capable of identifying the locations of usage hot spots, which can inform network planning and configuration.

For the venue owner, installation is simple. The solution integrates easily with existing back-end systems, dramatically reducing installation costs. The front-end can be completely customised to reflect the venue’s branding and style. An intuitive, easy to use interface makes it simple to manage. For consumers, the registration process is quick and simple – all they need to do is share their location via Facebook or other social media sites, in exchange for access to the venue’s Wi-Fi.

‘We all know how easy it is to check-in on Facebook – what more intuitive way to gain access to guest Wi-Fi, while letting friends know where you are,’ said Nigel Wesley, CEO, Global Reach Technology. ‘On the back-end, we’ve heard time and again from enterprises how expensive it is to implement proprietary solutions that only work with a specific brand of equipment. The power of the Global Reach solution is that can be deployed with any hardware – making it possible for any venue to tap into the power of social media for next-generation consumer interaction. Enterprises can now deploy Wi-Fi their way.

‘One of the most important aspects of our solution is the data and resulting analytics on visitor behaviour at a venue,’ continued Wesley. ‘Real-time location-based data on shoppers will revolutionise the way that venues build relationships with their consumers, and our Enterprise Wi-Fi solution marks an important step in this direction.’

The Global Reach cloud-based solution incorporates stringent privacy protections. Individual user information is not captured and data is stored only at the anonymous, aggregate level with an easy opt-out choice available to consumers.


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