Wireless Excellence unveils all-in-one 4G/LTE backhaul solution

CableFree FOR2 microwave transmission product for 4G/LTE and 3G backhaul provides high capacity, all-outdoor ‘zero footprint’ solution

Wireless Excellence unveils all-in-one 4G/LTE backhaul solution

Wireless Excellence, a manufacturer of wireless communication products, announced today (11 June 2013) the availability of its CableFree FOR2 microwave transmission solution for 4G/LTE and 3G backhaul, as well as Telecom, ISP, Government and other types of wireless network.

FOR2 provides high capacities in an all-outdoor ‘zero footprint’ solution and can be deployed without indoor components, racks or space. Timing, IP network intelligence and resilience are all included in the unit.

CableFree FOR2 uses the licensed frequency bands from 7 to 38GHz, and offers 400Mbps full duplex per channel (800Mbps aggregate) scaling up to 800Mbps (1.6Gbps aggregate) or higher using multiple channels.

It comes with advanced features such as adaptive coding and modulation and automatic power control to ensure maximum uptime and stability of links even in harsh conditions such as tropical rainfall.

Important synchronisation features for 3G/4G base stations and support for synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 are included to simplify direct connection to cellular infrastructure.

At the network level, it offers native support for 2+0 aggregation for 800Mbps full duplex capacity as well as 1+1 resilience within the radios, and Ethernet Ring Protection and Rapid Spanning Tree, to build resilient city networks with all types of topology. 

Integrated radio link aggregation allows a simple ‘pay as you grow’ model, adding extra channels or components as needed to meet rising bandwidth demands. The systems are MEF9 and MEF-14 (Metro Ethernet Forum) compliant.

Market-leading transmit power and system gain ensure that operators get best-in-class performance from their wireless network, whilst reducing costs through use of smaller antennas, and enhancing network uptime.

‘FOR2 is a genuine leap forward in microwave transmission capability,’ said founder and CEO Stephen Patrick. ‘This all-in-one solution can be rapidly deployed on exposed towers or roof locations without indoor components, reducing complexity and saving time and money throughout the customer network.’

CableFree FOR2 is already shipping in volume and is available over all frequency bands, on industry-leading short leadtimes, at highly competitive price points, the company said.


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