Quiss fired up to support Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service

Quiss Technology supports the WFRS Network used for dispatch, resource management, data collection and delivery, updates of mobile data terminals and asset tracking

Quiss fired up to support Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service

Quiss Technology has been working with Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS) since October 2011 to provide a range of IT support services. 

The WFRS Network, which is supported by Quiss on 24/7/365 basis, is used to collect and deliver information to and from a number of systems, both in-house and external, whilst linking all the fire stations spread across the Warwickshire County Council area to a command and control centre.

Servers supported by Quiss in the central repository, receive data from a number of sources and make it available to front line users in a secure, resilient and timely manner.

A number of systems are hosted on these servers such as premise risk information; fire fighter availability, fire hydrant management information; guides to cutting almost every make and model of vehicle, including European vehicles; chemicals database listing all chemicals and their safe handling; maps; and a wealth of information that allows service personnel and the public to be kept safe.

The WFRS network is used as a primary means of dispatching fire appliances to all emergency incidents. The WFRS network has other important roles; to update the information held on mobile data terminals (MDT) fitted in each of the WFRS fire appliances. The MDTs hold safety and operational critical information relevant to almost any incident the crews are likely to face.

The WFRS Network allows equipment management system scanners to read bar codes on each item on board every fire appliance and transmit this information to a central assets management system. When the fire appliances are in the station, the MDTs connect to a secure wireless network and receive scheduled updates.

These updates are made twice daily, weekly or monthly depending on the data being updated and ensure the information held on the MDTs is current and comprehensive.

Quiss engineers designed, built, installed and now support the servers and the WFRS network. They understand the importance of it never suffering a technical issue. For the majority of clients a problem is inconvenient, but here things can quickly transition from inconvenience to tragedy if the essential information is missing due to technical problems.

Quiss network engineers proactively monitor the network, the systems and infrastructure to detect issues and correct them before they become a problem. Quiss work closely with the small IT team at WFRS to ensure the network is secure, available, robust and resilient.

WFRS, IT and Communications Manager, Abdul Rashid commented: ‘We need absolute confidence in the network and systems. It forms a vital part of our service delivery to keep Fire Fighters and public safe, be these resident of Warwickshire or any one driving through Warwickshire County on our motorways/road network.

‘Quiss Technology has the skills and resources available to provide 24/7 support. The switch from ‘pay as you go’ to an unlimited support contract, including pro-active monitoring offers significant savings over the lifetime of the agreement.

‘Currently, we are working closely with Quiss to ensure that our network attains Airwave Code of Connection (CoCo) compliance certification from the Cabinet Office, which will allow WFRS to work in partnership with four other UK Fire Services and other Government agencies to deliver an efficient and effective emergency service,’ said Rashid.

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