Simoco carries out DMR Tier II interoperability testing with Selex Elsag

Certification opens the way to multi-vendor working and greater interoperability with ETSI DMR digital radio standard

Simoco carries out DMR Tier II interoperability testing with Selex Elsag

Radio communications company Simoco Group has successfully completed interoperability (IOP) testing for its DMR Tier II terminals with Selex Elsag in Milan, Italy. The testing took place between terminals from the Simoco Xd DMR range (SD650 portables and SDM610 and SDM630 mobiles) and the Selex ECOS-D RGW4000 base station.

Tests carried out over the session included: group, individual and all call voice calls. All the mandatory tests were passed and the results and log files were independently reviewed by the DMR Association Technical Working Group prior to the certificate being issued.

Simoco Group CEO Ian Carr commented: ‘Multi-vendor working is one of the major benefits of DMR as this is the way that we will ultimately drive down costs of ownership and help customers integrate radios into the heart of their communications strategy. This is a major step forward to achieving that goal and I would like to thank all concerned, including Selex Elsag and the DMR Association for their collaboration.’

Andy Grimmett (Simoco), chair of the DMR Association Technical Working Group said: ‘Developments in DMR technology and the growth of available Tier II and Tier III products and applications are key to the success of the standard in the market in a process of continual improvement. The number of IOP tests is a testament to the rapid uptake of DMR technology as is the growing number of manufacturers that are now selling or in the process of building products built to the standard.’


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