Airwave unveils new Insite dashboard control

New Insite dashboard displays real-time data and offers a single pre-configured view of talk-group occupancy for TETRA radio control room operators

Airwave unveils new Insite dashboard control

Airwave, the UK mission critical voice and data communications provider, has launched a new-look Insite dashboard  designed to further transform the way public safety organisations manage their operations.

Already regarded as a powerful web-based management and reporting tool, the enhanced Insite dashboard supports customers looking to dynamically adjust their resourcing in response to unpredictable real world demand.

The dashboard displays real-time data and offers a single pre-configured view of talk-group occupancy for the control room operators.

Early trials with Thames Valley Police have shown that the new dashboard is playing a key role in prioritising staffing levels. The intuitive display of information means that control room supervisors can identify trends and react accordingly.

‘For example, we can now switch staff between manning telephony calls and dispatching using the Airwave Service. This means that we have more flexibility to adjust our resourcing, which is particularly important as often the peaks of demand for call takers and dispatchers are not linked and we can now make sure that people are deployed where they are most effective,’ said Paul Feazey, Airwave manager, Thames Valley Police.

Euros Evans, chief technology officer, Airwave, said: ‘Insite empowers users to improve their operational performance, and was previously mainly used for strategic planning and live event management. With the new dashboard, control room operators will be able to view the occupancy of talk groups via an easy-to-understand traffic light display – red, amber and green to assist their everyday activities.’

Working in conjunction with Thames Valley Police it was identified that while the first generation of Insite was an essential element of event management and provided actionable usage analytics there was an even greater need to utilise it in control rooms. It was agreed that operators should also be able to see talk-group occupancy and adjust their monitoring accordingly.

‘A key element of the new Insite dashboard was the simplicity of the design as it will empower control room staff to make informed decisions quickly by simply viewing large plasma screens. We have already made the new dashboard available to supervisors in our control rooms,’ concluded Feazey.

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