CCW 2013: Thales to deploy LTE pilot on Jordanian TETRA system

New NEXIUM Wireless LTE system for mission critical PMR users will be integrated into Jordan’s existing TETRA technology

CCW 2013: Thales to deploy LTE pilot on Jordanian TETRA system

Thales has been selected to implement an LTE pilot project in Jordan, which will be fully integrated with the country’s existing TETRA technology. The award builds on the successful extension of the Jordanian national communications network undertaken by Thales in 2012.

The pilot system will demonstrate the new high-speed data capability of NEXIUM Wireless, Thales’s mission-critical LTE solution and will be in operation before the end of 2013. Thales launched NEXIUM Wireless at the Critical Communications World exhibition in Paris last week (21-24 May 2013).

Thales has been a leading presence in Jordan for over eight years, providing the Jordan Armed Forces Public Security and Safety Agencies with a reliable, secure and easy-to-use Professional Mobile Radio network.

NEXIUM Wireless provides users with high-speed data links, including real-time video streaming between vehicles equipped with cameras and the command-and-control centre thus improving situational awareness and mobility of the security forces. This solution is especially designed with a high level of resiliency and security to cope with specific requirements of armed forces and security agencies.

In addition, Jordan Armed Forces and public security agencies will be equipped with TeSquad, Thales’s new LTE Push-To-Talk smartphone that will deliver mission-critical voice over LTE, as well as high-speed data group services.

Using existing sites and investments that the Jordan Armed Forces and public security agencies have put in place, Thales is able to smoothly transform the existing TETRA network into a broadband network covering security forces’ existing and future needs.

The air ground air (AGA) feature, which is part of the current TETRA network, coordinates operations conducted by ground and air forces enabling users from different organisations to operate and collaborate through the same network.

‘We are very proud that Thales has been chosen by the Jordanian government and we are pleased to be able to continue to develop a strong and long-lasting partnership with security forces in Jordan,’ said Jean-Michel Lagarde, SVP Deputy Secure Communications and Information Systems, Thales.

‘The Jordan Armed Forces and public security agencies demand a very high standard of secure communications, hence why they have chosen Thales for this project. This further confirms Thales’s position as a leading provider of resilient and secure communications networks,’ said Lagarde.

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