CCW 2013: ‘Seven reasons why Tait radios are beyond tough’

Tait Communications launches a series of ‘Tait Tough’ videos demonstrating the ruggedness and durability of its TP9400 P25 portable radio

CCW 2013: ‘Seven reasons why Tait radios are beyond tough’

Tait Communications has launched a new series of seven ‘Tait Tough’ videos, going well beyond the lab to take durability testing of its TP9400 P25 portable radio to a whole new level.

‘We design and engineer seriously tough radios,’ said Graham Rippon, technical lead for the TP9400’s development. ‘But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun with them when it comes to putting them through their paces.

‘It’s an important thing to test a radio in a lab, but it’s a lot more fun to take it into the field and crush, bludgeon, batter and launch it until it breaks — or, in fact, refuses to break, as we found out.’

Three of the seven videos show the Tait radio being crushed by a 2.2-ton truck, launched by a three-person catapult, and smashed by a bowling ball. 

‘Although the TP9400 is one of the lightest, most compact P25 Phase 2-capable portables on the market, we’re confident — and our clients can be confident — that it’s one of the toughest public safety-grade radios ever made,’ added Rippon. ‘People can now see for themselves, too — the videos are the real deal.’

Tait radios are known for their rugged build, and the TP9400 is no exception. The robust design has IP67 sealing and shock-absorbing, impact-protected corners, exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G standards, and features a water-shedding grille which aids voice clarity in wet environments.

The Tait Tough videos can be found at or on Tait’s YouTube channel.


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