Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Broadband optimises video quality

Advanced video optimisation matches video quality with smartphone capabilities while reduces the load on the network by up to 25%

Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Broadband optimises video quality

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched a combined video optimisation solution that delivers a high quality video experience, while simultaneously reducing radio network loading by up to 25%.

By combining the capabilities of Flexi Content Optimizer, policy management and new real-time congestion awareness, which is unique to NSN, operators can match video quality to each user's device.

Flexi Content Optimizer adjusts video content and re-scales video streaming to match the smartphone screen size. Users enjoy the best quality video that their smartphones and tablets can support, and because less data is transferred, there is less pressure on radio network capacity. This translates into more efficient use of radio network resources, and lower transmission costs and network investment.

Real-time congestion awareness enables the network to react instantly when a base station becomes heavily loaded. Video optimisation then ensures that the operator’s most valuable subscribers in a specific location enjoy the best video quality.

‘More people than ever are using video streaming applications on their smartphones. According to Informa Telecoms and Media, video streaming will account for a third of mobile  data traffic on mobile handsets in 2016,’ said Antti Romppanen, head of packet core product management, NSN. ‘This translates into a lot of video. By bringing together our capabilities for best ever video, operators can ensure that subscribers have a smooth viewing experience even during congested busy hours.’

These capabilities work together to ensure smooth video playback with up to 90% less stalling. Better video quality improves customer satisfaction, helping the operator to reduce churn in a smartphone-dominated world. Video playback can be further enhanced by Flexi Content Optimizer’s caching functionality, which is used for popular content such as trending YouTube videos.


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