CCW 2013: Cassidian unveils new TPH900 Tetrapol radio and Claricor 3 secure communications solution

New Claricor 3 secure communications solution is designed for small to medium networks networks and has bandwidth for TEDS, Smart Grid and SCADA applications

CCW 2013: Cassidian unveils new TPH900 Tetrapol radio and Claricor 3 secure communications solution

Cassidian unveiled its brand new Tetrapol radio, the TPH900, during the Critical Communications World show in Paris. It has also launched its Claricor 3 secure communications solution for small networks.

The TPH900 (pictured) is described as a robust, hand-portable Tetrapol radio for mission-critical voice and data communications. This latest generation terminal from Cassidian is specially designed for easy and solid usability in the field. The TPH900 radio from Cassidian will provide Tetrapol users with the best feature set on the market.

End users of the previous P2G and TPH700 Tetrapol terminal models will be able to make an easy transition to this new model thanks to its new welcome screen, which combines quick access to communications with a simple display of key information. A compact design and large keys ensure comfortable handling, while the design of the battery, including a latch, makes it handy and easy to change.

Integrated GPS enables the deployment of very useful location applications. The radio can automatically transmit its location in the event of an emergency call or upon end user request through a dedicated shortcut key.

For enhanced user safety, the TPH900 radio provides an advanced ‘lifeguard’ solution, also known as a ‘man-down’ alarm. If the radio stops moving or remains horizontal for too long, it triggers a local alert. If the user does not respond, the radio automatically activates an emergency call with optional GPS coordinates over the Tetrapol network.

The embedded Bluetooth 2.1 allows controlled access to a wide range of standard accessories, enabling end users to free themselves from wires for specific missions. The vibrating alert provides users with additional benefits, enabling discreet notification of incoming calls or messages and even complementing ring tones to ensure user alert in noisy environments.

All these advanced functionalities and features combined with high performance and protection against rain, dust and shock makes TPH900 a reliable communication tool for the most demanding operational duties.

Claricor 3 secure communications solution for small networks

Cassidian has introduced a new version of its professional radio system solution for small to medium-sized networks, called Claricor. Made for up to 5,000 users, it offers a cost-effective set-up for providing both outdoor and indoor coverage across sites such as airports, factories or power plants but also larger areas such as cities.

If needed, a Claricor network can be interconnected with multiple switches to cover a nation wide area.The new Claricor 3 version includes high-speed data (TEDS) and provides more than enough bandwidth for data in Smart Grid or SCADA applications.

At the heart of the Claricor 3 system is the IP-connected DXT3p switch from Cassidian. The DXT3p is an all-in-one package with high capacity; great functionality for IP based networks. Its lower power consumption (around 150W) makes it an eco-friendly option, too.

Claricor can be easily expanded from a small group of users served by a single site to a fully-fledged network addressing the needs of a few thousand subscribers.

‘Our customers can start with a small system that will grow with them, which makes Claricor 3 a perfect future-proof choice. In other words, Claricor 3 brings smart, safe and secure communications within the reach of more organisations than ever,’ said Olivier Koczan, Head of Sales within Secure Communication Solutions, Cassidian.

Claricor 3 offers all the advanced functions of larger networks, including secure voice and data services, individual calls, group calls, TEDS and dispatcher functionalities. In addition, the comprehensive set of functions available with Claricor 3 is field-proven and delivers business-critical reliability implemented in nationwide networks now also to smaller scale networks, Cassidian said.

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