Xirrus unveils automated activation of new Wi-Fi infrastructure capability

Xirrus Mobilize enables automated activation of new Wi-Fi access points in minutes via Cloud-based, zero-touch provisioning and configuration, requiring no IT support

Xirrus unveils automated activation of new Wi-Fi infrastructure capability

Xirrus, the wireless network provider, has announced Xirrus Mobilize, a new component of the Xirrus Cloud Services portfolio that provides automated, cloud-based provisioning service for Xirrus wireless networks. 

Geared to the needs of highly distributed organisations, Mobilize simplifies and expedites the deployment of new wireless equipment via a process as easy as connecting a new Xirrus access point to the network. 

The service is compatible with all Xirrus wireless arrays, access points, management systems and cloud services, enabling organisations to rapidly scale their networks to accommodate new users, new mobile devices, and new applications. 

Xirrus Mobilize accelerates the deployment of new wireless infrastructure. Once a new access point is connected, Xirrus Mobilize is automatically initiated to complete a series of processes that require no manual intervention:  discovering and validating the access points; deploying and activating the license; updating firmware if necessary; downloading initial configuration data to bring the access point online; and linking the access point into the customer’s Xirrus Management System (XMS) if present – either on-premise or cloud based.

Xirrus Mobilize does not require the customer to own an XMS system and so is ideal for smaller customers turning up a Wi-Fi network. The company said Xirrus Mobilize is ideal for organisations with widely distributed networks where skilled IT staff may centrally manage the network, but onsite IT at regional or remote offices is rarely available. By reducing the need for onsite technical support, Mobilize significantly reduces both deployment time and costs.

Solving the challenge of Wi-Fi proliferation

Many different organisations can benefit from the automation and ease of management provided by Xirrus Mobilize. For example, managed service providers can ship and remotely turn up Wi-Fi at customer locations, requiring local personnel simply to plug new arrays or APs into the network.

Enterprises with only a centralised IT staff can quickly turn up Wi-Fi at branch office locations with limited or no IT personnel. Xirrus Mobilize is applicable to any organisation in which a distributed workforce or flat IT staffing budgets are the norm.

‘The demand for rapid IT response and streamlining operations has become ever more business-critical as the workforce relies more and more on wireless access and mobility applications,’ said Steven Wastie, chief marketing officer for Xirrus. 

‘Because the IT business model in most organisations is still very centralised, remote offices and workers often go without dedicated IT support. Xirrus Mobilize is a direct response to this issue. When staffers with no IT background whatsoever can plug in Wi-Fi access points and allow software to provision those devices, operations improve dramatically, OPEX drops significantly, and remote personnel get the nearly instant connectivity they need,’ said Wastie.

Xirrus Mobilize is compatible with all Xirrus Wi-Fi arrays and access points , regardless of whether a Xirrus Management System (XMS) is in place. Xirrus Mobilize supports both XMS-Cloud and on-premise based XMS-Enterprise. For networks in which XMS has been deployed, Xirrus Mobilize serves as the front end to provide initial network configuration and automatic discovery.

Xirrus Mobilize is free and shipped with all new Xirrus access points beginning with the ArrayOS 6.5, release in June 2013. 

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