Simoco makes a move into the Myanmar radio communications market

Simoco, working with local Malaysian partner Muzzam, supplies new TSP5000 analogue hand portables and at growing hotel, tourism industry, municipalities and police

Simoco makes a move into the Myanmar radio communications market

Radio communications specialist Simoco Group has made its first foray into the emerging market of Myanmar (formerly Burma) thanks to a collaboration with Malaysian partner Muzzam, which has set up a joint venture company in Myanmar specifically to promote and sell Simoco products into the country.

The first order from this partnership, worth over £250,000, was for Simoco’s new low cost analogue 16 channel push to talk hand portable radio, the TSP5000. Simoco sees this as gaining a foothold in a rapidly growing emerging market with great potential for high end products like the Simoco Xd DMR range of digital radio products in sectors like: mining, oil and gas and public safety.

Simoco business development director Chris Moore commented: ‘Our long standing relationship with Muzzam is fundamental to our success in South East Asia in general and Myanmar in particular. With this first sale of analogue radios we will have a presence in the country on which we can build.

‘With help from Muzzam we identified the need for a low cost analogue portable radio for the South East Asia market in order to gain entry into this market. We took the decision to make a major investment in a new emerging market with both the new product and the relationship with Muzzam and that decision is helping us build our brand in this exciting area.’

The TSP5000 portables are expected to be sold in the burgeoning Myanmar hotel and tourism industry, as well as local municipalities and police.

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