Altobridge launches data optimised 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi combined cell

Latest version of Altobridge’s Data-at-the-Edge small cell solution provides meshed caching, and self-learning content pre-positioning to reduce backhaul costs by 70%

Altobridge launches data optimised 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi combined cell

Altobridge, the Ireland-based specialists in technology that cuts the cost of communicating across wireless networks, has today announced the launch of its latest mobile data optimisation solution. 

The self-learning solution for multi-radio small cells reduces mobile data backhaul costs in urban and rural networks by at least 70% through its meshed caching and content pre-positioning capabilities.

The development is a further evolution of Data-at-the-Edge (DatE) which is already commercially deployed on rural 3G small cells on the Maxis network in Malaysia, where through RAN caching alone, backhaul savings in excess of 40% are being achieved.

‘We are now taking Data-at-the-Edge to another level,’ said Mike Fitzgerald, chief executive, Altobridge. Less than six months ago, we commercially launched DatE and proved that content caching on 3G small cells at the edge of the network, conclusively reduced backhauled data by over 40%. 

‘Now, with the addition of aggregated, shared caching for co-located 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi small cells, plus the ability to predict and pre-position popular content at each cell site, DatE reduces mobile data backhaul requirements by at least 70%,’ he added.

In addition, because DatE delivers mobile content from the point closest to subscribers’ devices, the Quality of Experience (QoE) is significantly enhanced, with latency levels dropping from tens of seconds to tenths of seconds.

This combined effect of reducing backhaul congestion and improving QoE, also opens new revenue opportunities. By moving content delivery networks (CDN) to the edge of the network, DatE provides the means of delivering data faster and more efficiently to end-users’ mobile devices.

DatE is delivered as a standalone data optimisation solution, directly onto mobile network operators’ radio access networks, or licensed via existing wireless network vendors.

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