Boston Networks launches the first IP-based 3G-enabled redeployable camera

The first of its kind on the market, StreetVision is a highly scalable and redeployable IP-based CCTV solution providing 3G and wireless connectivity, multi-megapixel recording and on board storage

Boston Networks launches the first IP-based 3G-enabled redeployable camera

Boston Networks, a UK provider of intelligent building and integrated security solutions and wireless systems, has launched StreetVision, its unique IP-based rapid deployment surveillance solution.

The company says the product is competitively priced and will revolutionise redeployable camera solutions. StreetVision features a native IP platform and enables the operator to view footage anytime from anywhere.

Multi-megapixel footage can be both stored locally and transmitted to any location where, using StreetVision’s user interface, the operator can view live or recorded video via a PC client or a dedicated iPhone, iPad or Android app.

The true benefits of StreetView, in comparison to its redeployable predecessors, are the fact that it provides exceptional image quality over 3G compared with analogue redeployable versions.

It also has the ability to transmit high quality, multi megapixel footage either via 3G or on a broad range of wireless backhaul links, enabling users to easily integrate the solution virtually anywhere in their existing network infrastructure.

Boston Networks stated that: ‘Combining both of the aforementioned benefits delivers significant cost savings and an undeniably swift ROI, not to mention indisputably superior footage than any analogue camera.

‘The sheer flexibility of the solution and its rapid redeployment capabilities ensure that not only the cost of the unit is appealin,g but it also negates any unnecessary service interruption normally associated with analogue systems and lengthy redeployments.’

Additionally, the company said that StreetVision guarantees the highest levels of interoperability for backhauling real time video streams from a redeployable camera and facilitates control room and video wall integration, for enhanced and simplified viewing.

Easily mounted on either pole or wall, StreetVision is ideally suited to a wide range of sectors and can be used to provide high quality surveillance for events, trouble spots and construction sites to name a few. The StreetVision is available in a number of variants including up to 4 mega pixel cameras offering unmanned 360° complete situational awareness.

Commenting on the launch, Keith Anderson, CEO, Boston Networks said: ‘The launch of StreetVision delivers yet another compelling argument for the move to IP Video Surveillance. The quality, performance and simplicity which StreetVision delivers allows our customers to provide improved public safety, whilst making substantial savings on their CCTV infrastructure.

‘Our dominance in the IP CCTV space continues to grow and StreetVision provides a further method of delivering tangible savings on both capital and revenue costs by using smarter technology,’ said Anderson.

Key features include:

  • Megapixel camera for outstanding resolution
  • Native IP platform
  • On board storage
  • Optimised for 3G connectivity
  • Multiple wireless backhaul option
  • Rapid deployment and redeployment
  • Intuitive user interface to view footage from anywhere, anytime
  • Frame interrogation capability
  • ONVIF compliant
  • Control room integration
  • Secure network connection
  • Full maintenance service available.
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