White space specialist company Neul appoints Stan Boland as new CEO

Weightless promoter group company announces new CEO and moves Neul founder members James Collier to CTO and Professor William Webb to CSO

White space specialist company Neul appoints Stan Boland as new CEO

Neul, the UK-based white space communications specialist, has announced that Stan Boland is its new CEO. Neul also announced the move to CTO for James Collier and to CSO for Professor William Webb, two of Neul’s core founders.

Neul develops wireless network technology to enable the use of TV 'white space' spectrum. It was the first company to launch a custom designed TV white space radio system– NeulNET, which allows networks to operate within TV white space. Neul is one of the promoter group companies behind Weightless, the world’s leading white space M2M standards body.

The company said Boland brings a wealth of experience to bear on building large, successful companies. He was previously CEO and co-founder of Icera, a leader in 2G/3G/4G cellular chipsets and software, which was acquired by Nvidia Corporation in 2011 for $367m. Prior to that he was CEO and co-founder of Element 14, a leader in ADSL chipsets and software, which was acquired by Broadcom Corporation in 2000 for $640m.

Commenting on the implications for Neul and Weightless, Professor William Webb, CEO of Weightless SIG and chief strategy officer at Neul, said: ‘This hire represents the start of the next phase in the development of the Weightless ecosystem; with the publication of the complete Weightless specification we are now moving from technology innovation towards first commercial deployment and product.’

He added: ‘Stan’s experience in developing international companies will enable Neul to focus on delivering the necessary infrastructure to support Weightless members as they begin to bring products to market while my move to a strategic role enables me to ensure Neul’s strategic direction aligns optimally with the growing momentum behind Weightless.’

Neul said that the Weightless ecosystem is growing strongly across industries and geographies and currently stands at around 750 Members.

White space is the unused and underused parts of the wireless spectrum. For example, around the world many TV channels are left vacant in most locations. Weightless technology, initially opens up these channels and will also allow underused frequencies within other UHF licensed and unlicensed bands to be used efficiently for wireless communication.

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