Procom unveils new single tray combiner systems

Two new single tray combiner solutions house four-channel hybrid TX combiners

Procom unveils new single tray combiner systems

Procom has recently added two new 4-Channel 19” 3 HU single tray combiner systems to its wide range of combining products.

The PRO-COM150-HDAR-4 and PRO-COM450-HDAR-4 are a single tray combiner solution housing a 4-channel hybrid TX combiner, duplex filter, active RX multi-coupler and pre-selector.

Designed within a 19” 3 HU single tray so as to use minimal space within a rack system compatible with digital 6.25kHz channel spacing these are the ideal solutions where space is at a premium, according to the company.

Four models cover the bands 136–156, 152–175, 340–400 and 406–470MHz respectively. Single transmit isolators are fitted as standard (dual isolators are available as an option), while on the receive side two ports are fitted as standard (or four ports as an option).


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