Sierra Wireless introduces a new compact 3G wireless M2M gateway

The AirLink LS300 intelligent gateway replaces the Raven line of gateway products and is designed to be quick to deploy

Sierra Wireless introduces a new compact 3G wireless M2M gateway

Sierra Wireless has announced the launch of the AirLink LS300 intelligent gateway, the all-in-one successor to the AirLink Raven line of rugged gateways for the machine-to-machine market (M2M).

The AirLink LS300 is now available for the US and European markets. It is particularly targeted at industrial, enterprise, and transportation applications.

The company said that its AirLink Raven, Raven X, and Raven XE gateways have been successfully integrated into a wide variety of M2M deployments, enabling customers to do everything from monitoring soil conditions in vineyards or vibrations in historic buildings, to managing SCADA equipment remotely, to delivering messages to roadside traffic signs or photos from red light cameras.

Building on a proven 20-year track record of over one million deployed AirLink devices, the next-generation AirLink LS300 gateway provides all the benefits customers have come to rely on in the AirLink product line, including best-in-class network connectivity, rugged military-spec design and ALEOS embedded intelligence.

The AirLink LS300 combines the capabilities of the three previous AirLink gateways into one, with multiple interfaces (Ethernet, Serial, USB), and GPS location tracking to support a range of industrial, enterprise, and transportation applications.

A free trial of AirVantage Management Service is included to make the deployment and management of the gateways simple and easy to scale. At 3 x 3.5 x 1.0 inches (76mm x 90mm x 25mm) the gateway is about the size of a compact camera, which makes it practical to install in enclosed spaces like vehicles and vending machines. 

Brian Anderson, VP Marketing, Solutions and Services at Sierra Wireless, who is responsible for the AirLink and AirVantage product lines, told Wireless: ‘What is new about the LS300 is that you get more capabilities in the same form factor box. It has more I/O (input/output) capabilities, for example. The Raven XE was Serial only, with this you get Ethernet, Serial and USB and you get full configurability out of the box.’

The AirLink LS300 comes with an intelligent set of configurable options that ensure it connects with equipment out of the box. Customers can set up their own security, networking, and routing parameters, activate GPS location tracking and generate reports without any programming.

‘It also comes with Sierra Wireless’s ALEOS Application Framework,’ said  Anderson, ‘which gives you the ability to customise more than you could with the previous AirLink gateways.

The ALEOS Application Framework can be used to collect and analyze additional information from connected equipment, send the data to the AirVantage Enterprise Platform, and quickly build M2M applications using web-friendly APIs. 

The company is offering a free 30-day trial of Sierra Wireless AirVantage Management Service with every AirLink LS300 gateway to remotely configure, deploy, and monitor any size deployment. With AirVantage, customers can update firmware over-the-air, monitor the health of their AirLink gateways, and set up alerts for mission critical applications. This makes deployments of AirLink LS300 gateways quick, efficient, and scalable.

Anderson said: ‘The AirLink LS300 replaces the Raven line of gateway products, which covers the lower end range, and comes with a 3G HSPA+ port on GSM networks. The range above is our GX line, which come with X-cards allowing users to put in extra ports or even Wi-Fi capability. The GX line has a higher rugged spec and is available in 3G, along with an LTE version (only for the North American market at the moment).’

AirLink focuses on three main areas: enterprise; industrial; and transportation. ‘The LS300 can play in all three sectors depending on what your IO requirements are and what level of ruggedisation is needed,’ said Anderson. ‘It is particularly good for industrial uses, but it has GPS built in so it can track things that move, so long as the 3G coverage  is good enough.’

The LS300 is sold through Sierra Wireless’s worldwide distributor network, which also takes care of installation and customer service provision.

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