Huawei deploys multi-mode base station controller with Singapore’s StarHub

Installation of the BSC6910 controller will help StarHub improve network capacity and user experience and reduce operating costs

Huawei deploys multi-mode base station controller with Singapore’s StarHub

Huawei has recently deployed its latest multi-mode base station controller BSC6910 to help Singaporean mobile operator StarHub upgrade its UMTS commercial network. The aim of the deployment is to improve network capacity and user experience, while reducing operating costs.

Singapore’s telecom market is highly competitive and has a mobile penetration rate of 132.6% and a wireless broadband penetration rate of 80%. StarHub's latest network infrastructure investment is designed to utilise industry-leading technologies and solutions to provide its users with the best mobile broadband services.

The new Huawei multi-mode base station controller deployed by StarHub is designed to support mobile broadband traffic growth, multi-service synergy and smooth evolution to cloud-enabled wireless network equipment.

The solution also improves network capacity and equipment utilisation, simplifies complexity of network maintenance, reduces network TCO, and effectively meets the demands of multi-RAT (radio access technology) integration for mobile network signalling and service flow surges.

Huawei said that the BSC6910’s capabilities provide high system capacity with smooth evolution to support Terabit levels of data traffic. 100% intelligent terminal penetration rates support and conform to mobile network development trends toward large capacity, fewer cabinets and less site space to secure long-term investments.

The performance of the unified service processing board provides substantial improvement over earlier models, and provides three times traffic capacity and five times signalling capacity than the industry average, according to the company.

The BSC6910’s RNC (radio network controller) in Pool capacity function is an industry first for its ability to pool resources from other BSC6900 series products. This function allows for an RNC in the pool to quickly take over from an RNC that has failed for an enhanced disaster recovery mechanism, reducing the impact on service in case of a single RNC failure and reliably protecting operator investments by providing high network reliability.

Huawei’s new multi-mode base station controller BSC6910 effectively improves overall system capacity to meet high MBB capacity demands for a top user experience, the company said.


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