Nokia Siemens Networks powers Tango 4G LTE service in Luxembourg

NSN’s Liquid Core-based EPC and circuit switched fall back solution are being deployed to provide voice, SMS and fast data services

Nokia Siemens Networks powers Tango 4G LTE service in Luxembourg

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) equipment is being used by Tango, the Luxembourg telco operator, to offer 4G mobile broadband services and provide personal mobile data service plans.

NSN implemented its Liquid Core-based evolved packet core (EPC) platform, including Flexi NS (network server) and Flexi NG (network gateway) for the operator to replace outdated equipment and launch the LTE services.

In addition to providing its mobile soft switching (MSS) that manages traditional voice calls, NSN is deploying its circuit switched fallback (CSFB) voice solution. The CSFB solution enables voice calls on 4G-enabled smartphones to fallback to GSM and 3G networks from LTE, so that subscribers enjoy good quality voice calls alongside text messaging (SMS) and ultra-fast data services.

The company’s EPC with unique 4D scaling expanded the packet core network capacity of the existing GSM and 3G networks. This will allow Tango to accommodate the growing data traffic and provide congestion-free data services, ensuring that the quality of service always remains the best. This also helped the operator lower its investments on additional equipment.

In addition, NSN has implemented its subscriber data management system, including the One-NDS real-time subscriber data repository and data-less Home Location Register, and consolidated Tango’s subscriber data from across the network.

The company is also providing its highly scalable policy control server (PCS 5000) that optimises traffic based on a set of business rules. NSN’s network management system, NetAct, provides one consolidated view on all network elements.

‘We recently launched two services that are first for Luxembourg: 4G ultra-fast data and personalized data tariffs -- in addition to providing congestion-free services from our existing GSM and 3G networks,’ said Didier Rouma, CEO, Tango. ‘Nokia Siemens Networks helped us to achieve these important goals. The company’s core network powered the launch of 4G services and to increase overall network capacity to meet the challenge of rising data traffic.’

‘In addition to implementing our Liquid Core network, we implemented subscriber data management system for Tango. Without differentiating between data services, it becomes difficult for operators to efficiently manage the growth in network traffic,’ said Filip Rommelaere, head of customer team Begacom Group at Nokia Siemens Networks.

‘Our packet core network platform and subscriber data management solution help Tango efficiently manage data traffic and offer people greater choice in terms of the service they receive.’

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