ZTE micro-base station enhances CSL’s services at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2013

BS8912 micro-base station boosts mobile operator CSL’s service in the Hong Kong Stadium to help deal with 130,000 voice calls and 230Gb of data

ZTE micro-base station enhances CSL’s services at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2013

ZTE’s micro-base station solution was used to boost Hong Kong mobile operator CSL’s communication services at the Hong Kong Stadium during Hong Kong’s Rugby Sevens tournament (22-24 March 2013).

The micro-base station solution provided enhanced communication services throughout the tournament and allowed double the amount of data traffic and four and a half times the amount of voice calls to be handled seamlessly, compared with the previous year.

Over 130,000 voice calls and 230GB of data traffic were carried by the network with a call connection success rate of 99.9%. In addition, over 80% of full webpage loads were completed within 10 seconds, thanks to the increased capacity provided by the added base stations.

The BS8912 micro-base station weighs 12kg and has a built-in lightning protection module. It can be powered with an AC or DC power supply and installed indoors or outdoors. The micro-base station is designed to support three MIMO carrier waves and has a powerful data processing capability of 84Mbps downlink and 11.5Mbps uplink.

The BS8912 micro-base station supports a self-organising network function — it can self-launch, configure, plan and correct. This dramatically lowers workload when adding new sites.

‘Adding a superior network experience has always been CSL' s priority and we were thrilled to provide enhanced services at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens using ZTE’s micro-base station,’ said Christian Daigneault, chief technology officer for CSL.

‘Testing the ZTE micro-base station was also a first step for CSL as we experiment with small cell technologies or heterogeneous network (HetNet) which will become critical in the near future especially in highly dense regions like Hong Kong.’

The Rugby Sevens is a major annual sports event in Hong Kong and has become increasingly popular with the general public. The growing number of fans presents a challenge to the communications network within the stadium. With its micro-base station green solution based on the BS8912 micro-base station, ZTE is able to provide viable solutions in this complex wireless environment.

This will increase the number of connected users and ensure successful communications services. Despite the substantial growth of number of calls and overall throughput, the network can still provide exceptional performance, ZTE said.


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