Zetron consoles deployed for mobile emergency role in Romania

Zetron’s DCS-5020 digital consoles have been installed in three mobile forensic laboratories for use as roving data gathering platforms in nuclear, biological, chemical and natural emergencies

Zetron consoles deployed for mobile emergency role in Romania

Three administrative regions in Romania have placed Zetron communications consoles at the centre of their mobile rapid response to nuclear, biological, chemical and natural emergencies.

Zetron DCS-5020 digital consoles are installed in three mobile forensic laboratories that entered service recently in the south eastern counties of Giurgiu, Constanta and Braila. Configured as roving data gathering platforms, the Mercedes Sprinter vans are equipped with a battery of sensors to enable government scientists to swiftly make informed analysis of the cause and scope of any disaster.

The Zetron consoles allow multiple communication types to be managed and controlled through touch-screen displays, field workers to be efficiently managed, and data gathered at the scene of an emergency to be quickly communicated to civil defence headquarters.

The DCS-5020 Digital Console combines a small footprint with substantial capacity, putting up to 30 telephony and digital and analogue radio channels under finger-tip control. It is increasingly the system of choice for emergency response vehicles around the world, as well as for small to medium sized static control rooms in public safety, transportation and utilities.

A single system supports up to 16 customisable screen-based operator consoles. Distributed processing gives the DCS-5020 flexibility, scalability and robustness, delivering the high degree of resilience required for mission-critical 24/7 applications.

In Romania, each vehicle’s DCS-5020 concentrates TETRA and GSM data links for the upload of field results, video and GPS vehicle location data, as well as VHF/UHF radio and satellite voice communications for the coordination of field activities. Zetron partner Mira of Bucharest carried out the complete integration of the systems.

‘The DCS-5020 is so widely used around the world, we knew we could depend on complete reliability,’ said Valentin Coman, CBRN expert IGSU Romania, ‘but the way each of the operator screens has been customised by our regional Zetron representative to precisely match our needs is a particular bonus.

‘If – or when – the vehicles are deployed to a live incident, our operators will be under pressure. Having a familiar interface that works exactly the way they want it to work will undoubtedly help them deliver fast and accurate intelligence to the emergency authorities, and in turn will enable us to better protect our citizens,’ said Coman.


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