Cassidian showcases defence and security solutions at the LIMA ´13 Exhibition

SPEXER2000 security radar, LEO-III-HD airborne observation system DVF 2000 UAV-system on show at Malaysia’s Langkawi International Maritime & Aerosprace Exhibition

Cassidian showcases defence and security solutions at the LIMA ´13 Exhibition

Cassidian is presenting a range of defence and security products at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerosprace Exhibition (LIMA), which will take place in Malaysia between the 26 and 30 March 2013.


The company will showcase its SPEXER 2000 product, which it says is the world’s first security radar using the newest radar technology of active electronically scanning array (AESA). By electronic guidance of the radar beam this technology enables the sensor to fulfil several tasks at the same time, while increasing the detection capability substantially.

Therefore, one SPEXER 2000 can replace two or more conventional radars. The unique detection performance is based upon a multitude of transmit- and receive modules produced by Cassidian.

Airborne observation systems

Cassidian airborne observation systems (AOS) are fitted to rotary and fixed wing aircraft to provide the observer with the capability to, from an airborne vantage point and at considerable distance, day and night, detect, recognise and eventually identify objects of interest.

These systems are fitted with a sophisticated array of sensors including day HDTV cameras, thermal imaging (TI) devices and laser sensors for range measurement, pointing and illumination of targets etc. The images captured by the AOS can be recorded on board and/or transmitted to the ground.

The capabilities provided are used by police and para-public services as well as the military for the following typical missions: emergency response, SAR (search and rescue), civil security (fire and rescue), law enforcement, traffic management, surveillance, border patrol, advanced utility management (oil fields). The LEO-III-HD is the latest generation AOS launched in 2010 and offers full high definition (HD) technology.

It incorporates the latest technologies in response to demands from the para-public market. The LEO airborne systems are qualified to DO-160 to meet civil aviation regulations. LEO-III-HD is US ITAR free and only subjected the South African and German Government ITAR export control.

Unmanned aerial systems

Cassidian is also displaying its unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology at the show. It is exhibiting the combat-proven short-range DVF 2000 system (pictured), which is destined for land and naval operations of forces with the aim of multiplying their intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities.

DVF 2000 is a catapult-launched based fixed wing mini-UAS with a range of 30km+, an endurance of around two hours and a capacity of one kilogram for combined EO/IR payload. DVF 2000 provides real-time video and pictures to a mobile ground control station.

‘Looking forward to expanding Cassidian's operations into a springboard for strong and sustained growth in Asia-Pacific, our presence at LIMA ´13 is a major opportunity to present our latest solutions in avionics, mission- and radar systems,’ declared Peter Gutsmiedl, Cassidian's Head of Operations in Asia Pacific.

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