Huawei unveils ATN 905 LTE small cell router

Huawei’s ATN 905 LTE small cell router is designed to help small base stations obtain high-rate media access and be easily deployable in both indoor and outdoor scenarios

Huawei unveils ATN 905 LTE small cell router

Huawei announced the release of its ATN 905 LTE small cell router today (22 March 2013), which the company claims is an industry first. The ATN 905 helps small base stations obtain high-rate media access across a variety of scenarios, allowing operators to extend their backhaul network coverage.

Deploying large base station routers into small base stations is often challenging due to the site and installation requirements. Huawei’s ATN 905 helps meet these challenges, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily installed in a variety of environments.

It supports any media access, including fibre, GPON (gigabit passive optical network) and xDSL (digital subscriber line), to offer additional resources for the existing network. The ATN 905 supplies power through Ethernet ports to overcome the many issues associated with powering small base stations and also supports plug-and-play and remote service deployment to ease operation.

Gai Gang, President of the Carrier IP Product Line at Huawei, said: ‘The ATN 905 demonstrates both Huawei’s deep understanding of customer requirements and its technical strength. We will continue to provide world-wide operators with more products and solutions catered to their needs.’

As a member of the ATN series Huawei’s base station router solution, the ATN 905 can provide an end-to-end IP RAN mobile backhaul solution with existing ATN products. With its rich clock features and complete protection schemes, the ATN 905 also supports the customized requirements of service transmission on small stations.

In addition, the ATN 905 OAM (operations, administration and management) functions can be used to monitor Ethernet faults, allowing operators to quickly locate faults in VIP private line services.


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