Nokia Siemens Networks helps Polkomtel offer voice services with LTE

Polish operator uses NSN’s circuit switched fall back solution to allow 4G capable devices to switch over to the 3G network when making voice calls

Nokia Siemens Networks helps Polkomtel offer voice services with LTE

Polkomtel, the Polish operator of the Plus network, has implemented Nokia Siemens Networks’ approach to providing voice call services alongside LTE (long term evolution). The approach, called circuit switched fall back (CSFB), seamlessly switches customers to Polkomtel’s 3G network to make voice calls, when using devices that receive the operators ultra-fast LTE mobile broadband service.

Under the new contract, Nokia Siemens Networks implemented its CSFB voice call system to support voice calls in Polkomtel’s LTE network across Poland. For the LTE network launched in September 2012, the company provided its Single RAN (radio access network) platform which is based on its award-winning, energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station.

In addition, the company provided its NetAct network management system for consolidated configuration, monitoring and network optimisation of Polkomtel’s GSM, 3G and LTE networks.

‘While we rolled out ultra-fast 4G/LTE data services, it was essential for us to ensure that our LTE subscribers also enjoyed mobile voice and SMS services to have a unified service experience,’ said Robert Dudzik, director of the Product and Service Development Department at Polkomtel.

‘We selected Nokia Siemens Networks because of its rich experience in several CSFB deployments in live networks around the globe, and trusted testing and integration services capabilities. These capabilities helped us implement the voice call solution smoothly and rapidly to ensure a fast rollout of LTE services to our customers.’

Dietmar Heinrichs, head of Polkomtel customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks, said: ‘While operators launch new services, it’s important for them to wisely choose a solution that saves capital costs not only while addressing the immediate requirement but also in the longer run. Our CSFB solution reused existing network investments in Polkomtel’s radio and core networks, saving capital costs for the operator. In addition, CSFB system can easily be upgraded to support Voice Over LTE (VoLTE).’


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