Hytera completes DMR Tier III IOP test with Harris Corporation

Manufacturer interoperability testing conducted by the DMR Association is designed to ensure end users have access to an open multi-vendor market for DMR equipment

Hytera completes DMR Tier III IOP test with Harris Corporation

Hytera has completed a further DMR Tier III interoperability (IOP) test. The new IOP Certificate includes IOP between Hytera PD78XG trunked terminal and the Harris Corporation’s HDT300 Momentum Trunking System, and IOP between Hytera system and Momentum terminal. The company said this is the first successful certification of 800/900MHz Tier III equipment.

The DMR Association developed the DMR IOP Process in order to ensure users would benefit from a truly open multi-vendor market for DMR equipment. It enables customers to have the ability to select the most appropriate products for their needs and to be confident that these products are compatible with each other. Users can be sure that products awarded a DMR IOP Certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions listed in the certificate are interoperable.

As a Category 1 member of DMR Association, Hytera has been actively involved in the DMR technology development. In March 2011, Hytera unveiled its DMR trunked (Tier III) infrastructure at the 2011 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

Later in September 2012, Hytera was awarded the first DMR Tier III Interoperability (IOP) certificates with IOP between Hytera trunked terminal (Tier III) and third party trunked infrastructure, and IOP between Hytera trunked infrastructure (Tier III) and third party trunked terminals.

Hytera is also the first company to have an IOP compliant DMR solution with Tier II and Tier III in a single radio, the company said.

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