Simoco showcases latest P25 and DMR equipment at APCO Australasia 2013

XMode Multimode portables and mobiles on show along with P25 voting and simulcast infrastructure and the XD DMR end-to-end portfolio

Simoco showcases latest P25 and DMR equipment at APCO Australasia 2013

Mobile radio specialist Simoco, part of the TTG group, has exhibited its latest P25 Xmode-enabled and DMR technology at this year’s APCO Australasia conference in Adelaide, South Australia.

While at the show, Simoco exhibited its range of Xmode Multimode portables and mobiles, designed to meet the needs of users requiring multiple analogue and digital operating modes in a single radio platform. Xmode functionality, which is built into all Simoco SRM and SRP radio models, enables users to seamlessly select multiple radio protocols including full PMR, MPT1327 as well as P25 Conventional and P25 Trunking operation at the touch of a button. 

Multimode functionality is an ideal solution for agencies that operate on analogue and P25 digital networks. It also gives customers a unique migration advantage, enabling them to continue to fully utilise their existing analogue trunking or selcall based systems, with the confidence that any communication purchases made today will be fully functional when their organisation chooses to make the switch to P25, removing the need to replace terminals.

Simoco also displayed its latest range of P25 voting and simulcast infrastructure. The SB2025NT integrated simulcast and voting controller offers enhanced resilience and full remote management of base station networks in a cost effective, component-based system, that is spectrum efficient and well suited for a wide area  coverage. In addition to this, Simoco also presented its In-Vehicle repeater solutions including P25 rapid deployment.

Simoco also exhibited its complete end-to-end DMR system; Simoco Xd, which includes base stations/repeaters, mobiles and portables all built around an IP backbone. The system, which offers DMR Tier II with a software upgrade option to the DMR Tier III standard, is an ideal solution for local governments, commercial and public safety users.

The company recently announced its first commercial deployment of Simoco Xd through one of its key channel partners, Philcomm, to the Brisbane Bus Company in Queensland Australia.

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