NEC to develop LTE-A base station equipment for NTT DOCOMO

LTE-Advanced equipment will work within a HetNet environment with a mix of macro, metro and pico cells to provide high density coverage and better manage rising data demand

NEC to develop LTE-A base station equipment for NTT DOCOMO

NEC Corporation has been selected by NTT DOCOMO as a vendor to develop high-capacity base station equipment that supports DOCOMO's proposed LTE-Advanced communications system.

NEC is developing equipment that is operable with DOCOMO's sophisticated new centralized radio access network (CRAN) architecture. This is expected to result in higher speed transmissions and efficient use of radio resources through the use of carrier aggregation technology, which will enable coverage areas to be adjusted flexibly and advanced coordination to take place between a variety of cells.

This is accomplished in a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) environment where macro cells that cover wide areas and small cells that cover local areas with high population density and heavy traffic coexist.

NEC's newly developed base station equipment establishes a GPS or an IEEE1588 standard (a protocol for synchronizing base station clocks that are scattered in a network) synchronization scheme, which reduces the interference between base stations. This will enable flexible expansion of networks in the future.

Furthermore, this base station equipment can support 3G/LTE services, as well as LTE-Advanced services.

NEC was also selected as a vendor to develop low power small optical remote radio equipment (SRE) for small cell base stations deployed in densely populated areas.

Wireless broadband is one of the core areas of NEC's carrier network business and the company provides total solution support for DOCOMO's expanding ‘Xi’ services. Going forward, NEC will continue strengthening the partnership with DOCOMO and promoting the launch of LTE-Advanced.

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