Aerohive expands cloud networking portfolio

New access switches and software are designed to deliver unified wired/wireless policy and context-based application visibility and control

Aerohive expands cloud networking portfolio

Aerohive Networks, a provider of controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled enterprise networking, today announced it has expanded its cloud networking solutions to include the new SR-series switches, HiveManager 6.0 network management system, and HiveOS 6.0 network operating system.

The new SR-series access switches combine cloud-management, on-demand provisioning and secure branch routing to reduce the complexity of today’s “mobile first” enterprise.

HiveManager and HiveOS 6.0 add a new customizable analytics dashboard and user-based application visibility and control to Aerohive’s industry leading policy enforcement capabilities. This upgrade leapfrogs traditional networking solutions and allows organizations to fine-tune mobile device security and manageability.

These new SR-series switches, combined with Aerohive’s cloud-managed, cooperative APs, and the new HiveManager and HiveOS 6.0 create a complete, unified access solution for the “mobile first” enterprise.

Key facts

Legacy access networks were not designed to deal with the complexities of today’s “mobile first” enterprise. The mobile device explosion has added a significant operational burden to already over extended IT departments. While an overlay WLAN can be used to reduce and “rightsize” the switch port count, it does not provide the operational advantages of a unified access layer solution.

In response to the growing ‘mobile first’ enterprise trend, Aerohive is expanding its cloud networking portfolio to create a unified access layer solution.  The SR-series access switches combined with Aerohive’s access points and branch routers, delivers a unified access layer solution to greatly simplify network management and provisioning.

When deployed together, the enterprise-class switches allow IT administrators to manage the access network as a single entity and provide granular visibility into who and what is on the network.

HiveManager and HiveOS 6.0 deliver granular visibility and control of almost 1000 different applications. This enables organizations to see what applications are in use and prioritize application and network access based on user context such as user identity, device type, location and time of day.

Specifically, administrators can match applications with individual users, or user groups (guest, BYOD, employee, etc.), and in just a few clicks modify policies to block, limit or prioritize that particular application.

Unified access layer

According to analyst Gartner, the number of switching ports being deployed at the edge of the network is decreasing as enterprises rightsize their infrastructure, and growing mobility requirements are changing the way that enterprises look at the edge of the network. In a recent Gartner survey, 76% of enterprises noted that a single IT resource was being used to manage these changes.

According to a 2012 report - A Unified Access Layer Forces Changes to Infrastructure Thinking at the Edge of the Network - by Gartner analysts Tim Zimmerman and Mark Fabbi: ‘As a result of these changes, Gartner is seeing the emergence of a unified access layer that provides wired and wireless connectivity. It must also provide consolidation of network tools while reducing the complexity and costs of the network application services needed to provision, manage, authenticate and even locate end users across one or multiple enterprise facilities.’

Features and benefits

SR-Series access switches

  • Enterprise Gigabit switching platform with advanced features including user-based QoS, storm control and 802.1X multiple authentication for voice and data coexistence
  • Accelerates branch consolidation efforts by integrating secure branch routing, 3G/4G connectivity and advanced switching to provide an all-in-one solution for branch offices.
  • 24-, 48- port models plus 8-, 24-, and 48-port high-power POE included

Customisable dashboards for complete network visibility and control

  • Sophisticated context-based analytics provide views by device types, top users, user groups and locations by data usage, as well as troubleshooting information across both wired and wireless devices.

Application traffic shaping based on user and device context

  • HiveOS 6.0 enhances Aerohive’s robust traffic shaping capabilities to include almost 1000 Layer 7 applications. 

 Policy enforcement based on user and device context

  • HiveOS 6.0 adds application firewall capabilities supporting the ability to block or permit access to over 1000 applications based on user context – identity, device type, location and time.

Pricing and availability

  • The SR2024 is available March 2013 starting at £1,364.76 UK list. The SR2124P and SR2148P will be available mid-2013.
  • HiveOS and HiveManager 6.0 are available March 2013 as a free upgrade for existing customers with support contracts.
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