MWC 2013: NEC unveils iPASOLINK EX for wireless backhaul, fronthaul and access applications

Outdoor packet radio unit operates in the E-band millimetre wave 70-80GHz spectrum and is designed to be small and light for easy installation

MWC 2013: NEC unveils iPASOLINK EX for wireless backhaul, fronthaul and access applications

NEC Corporation announced the launch of iPASOLINK EX, its next-generation of high-capacity all-outdoor packet radio operating in the E-band spectrum covering 70-80GHz frequencies, at MWC 2013.

iPASOLINK EX is designed to deliver multi-gigabit capacities with high spectral efficiency in dense urban applications in mobile backhaul, distributed radio access "fronthaul" and last-mile broadband access.

NEC describes it as a disruptive product that leverages the company’s expertise in high modulation, spatial aggregation and low latency radio transmission. iPASOLINK EX utilises new cutting edge components to deliver value based on future-proof performance and market-leading low cost of ownership.

NEC engineered iPASOLINK EX to be a compact, lightweight and exceptionally reliable radio unit. These attributes have become increasingly important in the operation of transmission networks as small size and low weight significantly simplify installation procedures, while high reliability eliminates costs of field replacements and repair.

Atsushi Noro, deputy general manager of NEC's Mobile Wireless Solutions Division, commented: ‘E-band spectrum offers higher capacities and lower spectrum license costs compared to traditional microwave radio solutions, and NEC has recognized our customers' increasing interest in the application of this technology.

‘Over the last few months, NEC has been successful with iPASOLINK EX in an increasing number of equipment tenders from leading network operators and we expect to see significant deployments in coming months as backhaul networks are prepared for large scale LTE rollouts.’

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