MWC 2013: NEC updates solution portfolio for small cell backhaul

NEC assembles a full technology line up of integrated backhaul solutions to provide mobile operators with a wide range of products to meet different environments

MWC 2013: NEC updates solution portfolio for small cell backhaul

NEC Corporation has unveiled the latest update to its solution portfolio for small cell backhaul. The updates build upon NEC's leadership in industry adoption of millimeter wave technologies for mobile backhaul (i.e. use of radio transmission in 60GHz and 70-80GHz frequencies).

In line with expected large scale deployments of small cell networks in the near future, NEC is providing all of the key technologies required for the backhaul of small cells:

  • high capacity millimeter wave and microwave
  • non-line-of-sight (NLoS) radio
  • wavelength division multiplex (WDM) optical access
  • full IP routing
  • unified network management systems
  • complementary software tools for network planning and optimization.

Specifically the products included within the solution portfolio include:

  • iPASOLINK SX for urban street-level connectivity - 60GHz (V-band) compact high-capacity all-outdoor radio, currently being evaluated by 5 major network operators in Europe, scheduled for commercial availability in the second quarter of 2013;
  • iPASOLINK EX for urban small cell traffic aggregation and distributed RAN 'fronthaul' - New 70-80GHz (E-band) all-outdoor radio capable of delivering capacities in excess of 10Gbps, commercially released at the time of this year's Mobile World Congress and preselected for deployment by two major pan-European network operators;
  • iPASOLINK AX all-outdoor radio and iPASOLINK split-mount series for remote small cell connectivity and urban aggregation - NEC's core wireless backhaul products in 6-42GHz frequency ranges;
  • NLoS products for small cell connectivity in obstructed radio environments - a range of available products, each targeting unique allocations of radio spectrum specific to a deployment region, availability is subject to customer requirements;
  • New WDM optical access for small cell connectivity, distributed RAN 'fronthaul', and aggregation in urban hotzones - simple plug-and-play solution complementing wireless technologies with optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, currently under evaluation;
  • iPASOLINK GX for street level branching and outdoor traffic aggregation - compact all-outdoor router supporting up to 4 direct power and data connections to all-outdoor radios, commercially available;
  • MS5000 for integrated network management - multi-layer network management system supporting NEC's complete transmission product portfolio;
  • Backhaul Resource Manager for maximizing network utilization - intelligent path provisioning and optimisation software based on unique calculation algorithms developed by NEC research labs, currently in development.

All of the products are optimised in performance, physical footprint and cost for a variety of small cell use cases, from capacity driven dense urban deployments to coverage motivated rural implementations.

NEC also offers local services to assist with planning, deployment and operations, and in cases where customers choose to use NEC's small cell products, NEC can offer an increased level of physical and service management integration of small cell and backhaul equipment.

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